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Urdu Poems for Kids about Roti: Sing it to Encourage Healthy Eating

Any picky eaters in your house? I’m sure many mothers raised their hands on that one! Urdu poems for kids are important tools to get them engaged. Here is a poem about roti (traditional crisp bread eaten in South Asian houses) that might encourage your picky eater at dinner time.

Roti: One of our Favorite Urdu Poems for Kids

Here is a video of Zeynab and I singing one of our favorite urdu poems for kids about Roti. This poem is written by Me, Tamania (aka Urdu Mom) and I would really appreciate it if you give the right credits when you share this poem.

Here are the lyrics:

Ye hai pyari se eik roti,

Dost hain is ke sabzi aur boti,

Naan aur paratha hain is ke bhai,

Khoob barhta hai jis ne roti khaye

And here are lyrics written in urdu script:

یہ ہے پیاری سی ایک روٹی،
دوست ہیں اس کے سبزی اور بوٹی،
نان اور پراٹھا ہیں اس کے بھائی،
خوب بڑھتا ہے جس نے روٹی کھائی۔

Key Learning Points – Urdu Poems for Kids

  • This is one of the very simple urdu poems for kids. The words are easy for children to remember.
  • Make eating time fun for your children by singing along this poem.
  • Start a discussion about healthy and balanced eating with your children.
 My children love this poem and I wrote it for them. Would love it if you share how your children enjoy this poem too.


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