Urdu Cartoons for Kids

Recommending Some Great Urdu Cartoons for Kids

One of the great tools to teach children urdu are good quality cartoons and shows in the language. Sharing a list of urdu cartoons for kids, that will be appealing for them, along with links. You can watch these with your children to improve their vocabulary and interest in urdu. This has been one of the questions I’m asked the most on the blog along with recommendations for urdu books for children so I’m happy to answer it today.

Urdu Cartoons for Kids

1. Sim Sim Hamara

This is an urdu version of Sesame Street that was produced in Pakistan. The quality is amazing and the show teaches children about urdu, science, values and Pakistan. What’s not to love about Elmo who talks in Urdu and loves Qawwali?

Below is the link to the first show and follow the rest on YouTube.

Sadly, the show was discontinued but even the existing episodes are a great repository for children aged 1 to 8 years old.

2. Mera Sabaq

We love Mera Sabaq for the stories and songs. Great for children to learn Urdu.

3. Burka Avenger

Burka Avenger is a school teacher by day and has a secret identity as a burka-wearing super hero who saves her school and village from the villains. The show can be a great resource to teach urdu to children who love action and adventure. I do wish the show had less filler cheap songs though! Below is a link for YouTube and full episodes are available on taazi.com also. Appropriate for age 3 – 10.

4. Quaid Se Batein

Zainab is a little girl who loves to take inspiration from what Quaid-e-azam has said about various moral and ethical topics as she changes the world one day at a time. There are lovely lessons to be learnt from each episode that are 4 – 5 minutes long. Below is a link to the compilation of all episodes together. Appropriate for age 3 – 10.

5. Jan Cartoon

Jan is a great addition to Urdu Cartoons for Kids with lovely lessons for children in a light and entertaining way. Jan is a curious and adventurous five-year-old boy who lives with his parents, siblings and a grandmother. The show follows his life as he learns, plays and enjoys every day. Appropriate for age 3 – 10 years old.

6. The Flying tent

The flying tent has some lovely Urdu poems for children produced in beautiful colours and sung with soft gentle voices. Appropriate for ages 1 – 5.

7. Milkateer

I’m not a big fan of shows that are produced for promoting a specific brand. However this is a good series plus it encourages my children to drink milk!

8. Cassette Kahani

Any 80s child from Pakistan would remember Cassette Kahanis that were urdu audio stories we listened to on our cassette players. I still remember the wonderful stories and series along with amazing songs. Some kind souls have uploaded the stories on YouTube now. The quality isn’t great so to attract your own children, you will need to be heavily involved and tell them how you enjoyed these stories as a kid and what they meant to you!

9. Teen Bahadur Movies

The two Teen Bahadur movies are great for kids 6 – 12 years old to give them local heroes and improve their urdu skills by watching the movies.

10. Urdu Mom YouTube Channel

And of course, do check out our own Urdu Mom YouTube channel for lots of fun urdu songs, poems and stories!

11. Allahyar and the Legend of the Markhor

This is an absolutely amazing movie with great music for children ages 4+. It’s available on Netflix in some regions and we found the link below on YouTube.

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  1. Hi, really appreciate your work. I live in Australia and use to do urdu story time at local library when my kids were in early primary grades. Struggled a lot to teach them urdu. These cartoon options were not available 10 years ago. Now my daughter is 12 and son is 14 and they don’t like watching these cartoons. They speak urdu well but their vocabulary is quite week. Do you have any recommendations for older kids. Thanks

  2. Wow my kds are 2 yr old and I was really worried about their never ending screen time …. Will definitely check out these channels and the urdu books I brought from Pakistan from my nephew

  3. This is such a nice recommendation.i was so in search of urdu rhymez and things that r in our own language but there was nothing except few typical poems.will definately show them to my kida.also plz share something related to our religious values in urdu or english for kids e.g stories of prophets etc for younger kids

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