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Green Entertainment Dramas You Must Watch!

For Pakistani drama fans, Green Entertainment dramas are the breath of fresh air they had been waiting for. If you have had enough of saas bahu stories, finally we have progressive positive stories through Green Entertainment. 

I love that the stories give great messages but are non-preachy. The characters are well-written and strong.  These dramas are a validation of the potential of the Pakistani drama industry we always believed in. Green Entertainment is not just raising the standard of Pakistani dramas but will also help bring positive changes in society. 

If you’re looking for recommendations of which Green Entertainment dramas to watch, here is my recommendation list sorted in order:

1. Kabli Pulao

Kabli Pulao

This drama is as subtly flavourful as its namesake dish. Step aside Barbie, we have Barbeena! She is everyone’s sweetheart and Hajji Mushtaq is the most unexpected but endearing hero! Kashif Nisar does a brilliantly sensitive job of showing how cultures and languages meet in a love story.

This is a drama you can watch with anyone who loved old school Pakistani dramas and it will help them reconnect with Pakistani dramas again. 

The music of this drama is an added dimension and a class apart!  Love both “kuch tooti phooti se” and “musawar ho gayen ankhein”.


2. Nauroz

nauroz drama

Nauroz is a story on a different landscape and continues to impress starting from the first episode. Mawra Hussain’s acting leaves the audience spell-bound. Super intrigued to see where the story takes a girl protected for years from the outside world as she finds refuge in a TikToker’s house.

Highly recommend this drama if you love a well-written and excellently performed drama.


3. 22 Qadam

22 qadam

A nation that loves cricket as much as we do definitely needs more dramas  like this!

This is an amazing story about girls who love cricket and aren’t afraid to break the mold! I love watching 22 Qadam with my children.

Hareem Farooq and Kinza Razzak are spectacular. The scenes in episode 3 where the sisters take on the street boys are one of my most favourite! Karyana is a friend all of us need in our lives! 

My children love the drama as much as I do. You will love this series if you enjoy cricket and are ready to watch a young fresh drama.


4. Idiot

idiot drama

Finally a sensitive story about the effects of parenting on children! Ahmed Ali Akbar as the lead and Atiqa Odho as the loving grandmother are amazing. The scenes where older and younger Guddu stand together always touch me because you realize the impact our childhood experiences have on us in our adult life.

You will love this drama if you are an Ahmed Ali Akbar fan (hello Parizad?!), like quick-paced family drama and are an animal lover!


5. Jeevan Nagar

Jeewan Nagar

Jeevan Nagar is hilarious inner city Lahore humour with an intriguing and dramatic story line. Sohail Ahmed owns the screen and Rabia Butt is an absolute delight. 

You will love this drama if you enjoy Punjabi humour.

6. Tumharey Husn Ke Naam

Tumharey Husn Ke Naam

Calling all hopeless 90s romantics! Here is a story set in the early 90s aimed at folks in their 30s and 40s who will reminisce about their college life, failed/successful romances and listening to late night FM radio shows, while watching Tumhare Husn Ke Naam.

You will enjoy this drama if you’re a Nakaam Ashiq from the 90s or nostalgic about that period! It’s a mellow-paced story that’s easy on the eyes. Love the supportive father played by the legendary Salman Shahid. The university campus is gorgeous and makes the story so much more appealing!


7. Daurr

daurr drama

I like Daurr because it addresses issues that modern women can relate to such as corporate work pressures, anxiety, envy, social climbing, identify, competition through children and much more. The drama is  based on a novel “eye on the prize”.

You will enjoy this story if you can relate to any of the issues above.

Honourable mentions:


I tried the Siyaah series and College Gate, but probably I’m not the target audience for these so didn’t enjoy them. I like how Green Entertainment dramas are made with a set audience in mind and not every story is for everyone, but there is a story for someone.


I do want to start Jindo because have heard amazing reviews. Will share my thoughts and update here when I do.


Which Green Entertainment dramas are you watching? Please do share your thoughts! Do you agree with my order? If not, how would you arrange them and which are your Top 3?


2 thoughts on “Green Entertainment Dramas You Must Watch!

  1. I really wait for your reviews and recommendations before I start watching shows. Thank you for this

    Which one is a more happy feel drama?
    In Kabuli pulao whats the age difference? Are we eventually going to see a couple with 20 year age difference get together?
    Are these available on YouTube?

  2. Loving Green Entertainment dramas. It really is a very refreshing change. Hadn’t watched Naurouz till recently so thank you for the suggestion.

    Shanaas (Hajra Yameen’s) has also been a great watch so far -do give it a go!

    Not Green kay, but some another drama I’m finding interesting so far these days are:
    Hadsa (Hadiqa Kiani )
    Neem (Marwa Hussain) &
    Jannat se aagay (Ramsha Khan & Kubra Khan)

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