How to teach Urdu to Kids

Urdu Cartoons for Kids

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Urdu books for children

Urdu Story Time

Clean up Song in Urdu

Urdu Song - Mian Khargosh

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Urdu Song for Autumn

Urdu Poem about Roti

Urdu Games for Toddlers

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Urdu Letters Treasure Hunt

Mustansar Hussain Tarar's birthday in Calgary

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Remembering Bano Qudsia

Punjabi Desi Snowman

Party Favours in Urdu

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Practing Urdu at the Grocery Store

Rani the Haathi Tshirt

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      Btw do you show streamed Urdu dramas on your website ?

  1. Very good initiative. We also discovered a very good urdu teacher (Madam Aarzo Fatima) through this blog who teaches Urdu to my daughter via Skype. Amazing experience so far with my daughter now able to speak urdu properly and read as well.

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