The Heart of a Pakistan Cricket Team Fan

To be in love with the Pakistan cricket team is a romance like no other! They make you fall in love with their passion, talent and drive. However they are vulnerable to their own unpredictability and face challenges all of us can relate to as Pakistanis: lack of funds, nepotism and threats of terrorism. When they falter, it wrenches our heart because it hits so close to home. But when they triumph, all of us feel that we have triumphed and when they raise that trophy it’s for all of us!

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Style Guide to be Eid Ready

I love the buzz and excitement in the house as Eid approaches. Getting the clothes ready for the whole family, making sure the groceries are done, social visits finalized and mehndi cones arranged. However I feel Moms are usually so busy arranging for the whole family, that they are left scrambling for themselves at the last moment and then get blamed for being the last ones to get ready! Sharing a one-stop Style Guide to be Eid Ready this year!

That’s me Eid Ready back in 2013!

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Girl Talk: The L word!

Moms are girls too right? Always! So let’s enjoy some Girl Talk today as I want to bring up the L word that’s a bit of a taboo in our society: Lingerie. Any little thing counts to make you feel great and sometimes it’s the right under garments. If your drawer is full of granny colors and your pajamas are older than your first born let’s talk about bringing back the Love in this particular L word.

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Raising funds for Pediatric Care in Rural Pakistan

In this month of Ramadan, as we open our hearts to prayers and increase charitable work, I wish to present a project worthy of your attention. A close friend of mine in Calgary, Shema Khan Elahi, is volunteering with Canadians for Global Care and raising funds to build a pediatric wing in a hospital in rural Pakistan. The hospital was built by the same organization in Muzzafarabad after the devastating 2005 earthquake, and provides free healthcare to the communities. A pediatric wing is desperately needed as families with sick children flock to the hospital, many walking all day on foot, looking for hope and care. You can donate by emailing . You can also get in touch with her if you need more information. Below are the details about the hospital project. You can follow the ‘Donate’ link on the page below to donate from Pakistan or the UK. For US and Canada email Canadians for Global Care is a registered charitable organization and Shema will be able to give out tax receipts to Canadian donations above $50.

May God increase your sustenance and generosity, ameen.

My Eid Mubarak Storybook Contest Winners

We are so excited that so many of you participated in our “My Eid Mubarak Storybook” contest! If I had it my way, each one of you would have won a copy! I would like to thank you for participating. We do have four winners: Tania who won a physical copy of the book and Ifrah, Fiza and Fasiha who won eBooks. We hope they enjoy these advanced Eid gifts.

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