Book Review and Contest: My Eid Mubarak Storybook!

My Eid Mubarak Storybook by Omer Naqi is an amazing example of books for children that I want to see more of! The book is a lovely discussion about the Muslim festival of Eid from the unique perspective of children through engaging short stories. I’m excited to review this book and share a contest where you can win free copies of this must-have book. So keep reading!

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A Simple Guide to What Mom Wants for Mother’s Day!

Hate to generalize but mothers are usually the planners for special events in most households be it birthdays, graduations, family picnics etc etc. Family members rely on her event planning skills and in the process loose much of their own. If you’re worried about disappointing Mom on Mother’s Day, keep reading! I’m giving you the simplest Mother’s Day guide for all moms. Whether Mother’s Day is a special day in your house or just another day, making mom feel special never hurts!

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Master Ayub: A Hero Fighting Fire and Illiteracy 

Master Ayub has been educating underprivileged children for the past 37 years in Islamabad at his street side school. A firefighter by day, he started teaching children in the evening on Hill Road in F6 at a local park. Most children who attend the school, work during the day. They are self-motivated to study as a way to improve their lives and those of their families. We had an opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon with Master Ayub and his students during our visit to Islamabad.

master ayub

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Five ways to recycle your old Desi clothes

 You have a closet full of desi clothes that you don’t need due to the following reasons: They are out of fashion, not the right size anymore, you have worn them enough or need to make space in your closet. Most of these clothes are in great shape and have a lot of life left in them. Here are five ways to recycle your desi clothes in meaningful ways.

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Model Children Library Islamabad

Libraries are a great place to foster the love of books, reading and community. Since we are visiting Islamabad from Canada, we decided to explore public libraries especially for children. Growing up in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, visiting Army Central Library and the Islamabad Club Library was a beloved part of our weekends. Sadly, there aren’t too many libraries that are open to the general public. A discussion on the Urdu Mom facebook page led us to the Model Children Library in Islamabad and here’s our review of the place!

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Zahra: A Story of Courage & Resilience

Today I’m sharing a story of courage and resilience that will inspire many. Zahra is no ordinary girl but one who has faced the struggles of life with a smiling face. She is a mother, daughter, a Montessori teacher turned Human Resources Specialist and a Chef by choice. Her story needs to be shared to give hope, strength and confidence to any girl who is feeling overwhelmed with life.

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A Tale of an Old Books Store

Old Book Stores were always a special place with the sweet smell of old pages and piles upon piles of affordable books. As a child, I loved that not only were the books cheaper than new ones but that I could bring in my own books and exchange for more. Every time I visit Islamabad, there are many changes that have taken place, some pleasant, some not so much. But there are a few things that remain unchanged and are a welcome constant. Old Books Collection in Jinnah Supper is one such constant. I had always visited the shop and expected it to stay the same. The owner Malik Ejaz recently passed away though and this time when I visited the shop, I learnt much more about the shop through the courageous lady sitting behind the corner.


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