Getting Your Life Back into Shape After the Winter Holidays

The winter holidays are almost over. The busy days of vacations, family reunions and dinners are done. The children will be heading back to school soon. But are you ready to face the routine? It’s not just the waist line that has expanded, but the house is upside down along with the monthly budget. Here are a few tips to get your life back into shape after the winter holidays.

winter holidays

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Phupo Love!

I want to write about a topic very close to my heart, of Phupo Love. Phupo is a word in the Urdu language for an aunt, who is your father’s sister. Due to the richness of the Urdu language we have a different word for all relations, so Phupo is specifically and only used for this relationship. This word has taken a negative connotation and is used to describe a relative who is conspiring, evil and a trouble-maker. I feel hurt whenever I read such jokes because I love my Phupos, love being a Phupo and love the Phupos of my children.

phupo love

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11 Legit Reasons Why I’m Late

I’m desi. And while I’m fabulous, lively and oh so multicultural, I’m also late to most appointments, meetings and social events. Here are 11 legit reasons why I’m late. Feel free to use them and better still add to them!

Note: This piece is satirical. All resemble to actual events and persons might be deliberate and I take as creative inspiration. Ofcourse, I will totally deny it if you confront me.

reasons why I’m late

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Work-from-Home Jobs for Mothers

There has always been interest in work-from-home jobs due to the flexibility they offer especially for mothers, home-makers, retirees and students. Do you want to work-from-home to make use of your skills and/or make some money on the side? Sharing resources, ideas and links in this post for non-sales work-from-home jobs. Whether you are a mother with young children or a student who wishes to make some money on the side, hope you find this post to be helpful.

work-from-home jobs

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Mera Sahib by Manto: A Lovely Insight into the Life of Jinnah

Mera Sahib by Manto is a short Urdu story and a lovely insight into the every day life of the father of the nation, Quaid-e-azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I have been in awe of the personality of the Quaid since I was a child. This December 25, on the birth date of the founder of Pakistan, I enjoyed reading about the Quaid from the unique perspective of his driver. Read all the details here.

Mera Sahib by Manto

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Spicy Chicken Zoodles Recipe

Healthy doesn’t have to be bland or difficult to make. Sharing a super easy and deliciously hot recipe of Spicy Chicken Zoodles. Zoodles are zucchini noodles and basically strands of zucchini cut as noodles. You can either buy these ready made from the fresh section in the super market or make them yourself at home with a machine to cut them in the noodles shape (many available easily).

Spicy Chicken Zoodles

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