Staying at Sundance by Basecamp: Trapper’s Tent Review + Trip Pictures

My sister was visiting Canada from the Philippines with her family in July this year and I wanted her boys to have a true Canadian experience of camping in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies. My friend Sadaf (Yes, from the Sadaf and Tamania Show) was also visiting from Doha, so all three of us families camped together and had a most amazing time staying at Sundance by Basecamp (previously called Sundance Lodges) in their Trapper’s Tents.

Here is my review along with some fun trip pictures.

Staying at Sundance by Basecamp: Trapper’s Tent Review + Trip Pictures

We decided to stay in the Trapper’s Tents because they are a good mix of glamping and an “authentic” experience. We usually do camp tenting so it was a treat not to put up or take down the tent. The insides were spacious enough of all three families to stay in their own trapper’s tents. For reference: our family is 2 adults and 3 children, my sister’s is 3 adults and a youth, and Sadaf’s family is 2 adults and 2 children. There are raised wooden platforms inside with mattresses, so we just had to pack our sleeping bags and pillows.

sundance by basecamp trapper's tent

Nights in Kananankis can be chilly so there is a heater available inside also and a lamp.

There are sleeping bags, pillows, towels and bedding available for rent at the main trading post in the property which was super helpful for my sister’s family.

sundance by basecamp trapper's tent

The trader’s post at Sundance by Basecamp is super handy with camping essentials, snacks and coffee available. You can even rent cooking gear!

Ofcourse, food was one thing we planned way ahead! And you bet there was lots of chai and biryani.

We loved how private all the sites are with lots of tree coverage and distance between all sites. There are also lots of different options available on the same property such as unserviced tent sites (bring your own tents), unserviced RV sites and Tipis.

The kids loved playing a game of soccer on the lovely soccer field. There is also a volleyball court next to it.

sundance by basecamp

Sundance by Basecamp (previously called Sundance lodges) is right by Kananaskis River. We loved the red Adirondack chairs placed by the water and everyone took turns in the hammocks.

sundance by basecamp

The kids loved throwing stones in the river and watching beavers make their dams!

sundance by basecamp

There are lots of amazing hikes in the Kananaskis area close to Sundance by Basecamp. You can also take a short 5 minutes walk to Beaver’s pond which is perfect for kids to dip their feet in the (freezing) water.

The views of the night sky once darkness fell is something I will remember for years to come. It was hard to believe that we were just an hour away from Calgary.

We loved our stay at Sundance and would highly recommend it, whether you’re a Calgary local or visiting our beautiful province. Let me know if you have any questions! I will also link a few travel related blog posts. Always love hearing from you all!




Disclaimer: We were hosted for one Trapper’s Tent at Sundance by Basecamp. All opinions are my own.