Meal Plan for the Week

It’s Sunday and you’re wondering what to cook for the entire week…I know that’s always a tough one. Sharing some recipes to inspire your weekly meal plan! There’s something for everyone here: Chicken Pilau, Pasta, Baked Chicken, Daal, Nihari etc.

Monday: Chicken Yakhni Pilau and Potato Cutlets

Start the week with some delicious Chicken Yakhni Pilau and some potato cutlets to go with it. Here is the super easy recipe for the Pilau and here’s how to make the potato cutlets. The classic Kachomar salad with tomatoes, onion and lemon juice goes great with Pilau along with some raita.

Tuesday: Baingan ka Bhurta with White Rice

Make some delicious Baingan ka bhurta and serve with white rice.

Wednesday: Chicken and vegetable Pasta

This Zubaida Tariq recipe is super easy and perfect for the desi/southasian taste buds.

Thursday: Kaali Daal with White Rice + Shami Kebab

I love this recipe by Sarah from Flour & Spice blog for a delicious Kaali Daal (brown lentils). Serve with white rice or matar pulao and salad. Add some Shami Kebab to the menu for the meat lovers in the house.

Friday: Left Overs Day

Make use of all the left overs from the week to enjoy on Friday night. To give old dishes a fresh touch, I usually heat over the pan and add some fresh cilantro/lemon juice to garnish.

Saturday: Nihari Day!

Celebrate the weekend by making a big pot of Nihari. Best part is that the leftover Nihari makes a classic Sunday morning breakfast.

Sunday: Baked Chicken with Salad and Vegetables

Marinate chicken pieces with ginger/garlic paste, extra virgin olive oil, lemon rind, salt, pepper, kala namak and oregano. Place chicken in an oven sheet with slices of lemon. Bake at 450F for 45 minutes turning mid way.

Break off the hard lower part of asparagus and mix together with the same marinade as the chicken. Bake at 450F for 25 minutes turning mid way.

For salad, you can use greens and a dressing of extra virgin olive oil + apple cider vinegar + salt & pepper.


Hope you enjoyed these recipes for the entire week! Let me know if you try them. Have a great week ahead.