urdu poem about professions

Urdu Poem about Professions: A Fun Urdu Poem for Children

Here is a fun urdu poem about professions that my daughter and I shared at our weekly Urdu Story Time. This song is called “Aap kya banana chahtay hain” (what do you want to be when you grow up). Children can learn the names of many professions in Urdu and the importance of hard work.

You can use this Urdu poem about professions at home or at your school when you talk to children about careers. They can also learn about good work ethics through this song and the importance of kindness.

Urdu Poem about Professions

Here are lyrics of the song:

Aap kya banana chahtay hain,

App kay liay kitne raastay hain?

Ustaad Parhna Sikhatay hain,

Fankar Pyaray Rang Dekhatay hain,

Wakeel mushkil se nikaltay hain,

Bawarchi khana banatay hain,

Kohpehma pahar per jatay hain,

Tabeeb bemari bhagatay hain,

Siensdaan khooj lagatay hain,

Kissan khana ugatay hain,

Har kaam mein mehnat hai,

Aur mehnat mein azmat hai,

Jo bhi karo baray ho kar,

Izzat karo sab ke magar,

Acha insaan banana zaroor,

Pyar jo karay na ho maghroor.

These are the important words children can learn through this song:

Ustaad: Teacher

Fankaar: Artist

Wakeel: Lawyer

Bawarchi: Cook

Kohpehma: Mountaineer

Tabeeb: Doctor

Siensdaan: Scientist

Kissan: Farmer

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We would love to hear how you and your little ones enjoyed this Urdu poem about professions.

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