Pakistani dramas to watch with your kids

Pakistani Dramas to Watch With Your Kids

In this post I have compiled a list of Pakistani dramas to watch with your kids. These will help improve Urdu language skills of your children. For those who live outside of South Asia when you watch Pakistani dramas with your kids, you also introduce them to culture, traditions and family values from the region.

I do want to highlight to parents that always watch the dramas with your children so that you can skip any part you feel is not age-appropriate. Also discuss the various themes and provide them perspective to situations.

Pakistani Dramas to Watch With Your Kids:

1. Ehd-e-Wafa (2020)

Ehd-e-wafa is at the top of my list because this show is about friendship between four friends and has great messages for the young generation including loyalty, patriotism and importance of hard work. This show has adventure, drama and lots of humour. You will definitely enjoy it with your kids!

2. Sonu Chanda (2018-2019)

I have enjoyed both seasons of Sonu Chanda with my children in Ramadan. My children loved the boy DJ and also Mithu in the second season. Some will argue that some of the content of the drama is not appropriate for children but I felt my kids did not notice the subtleties and enjoyed the over all humour of the drama.

3. The Barat Series (2009-2012)

Watch all four in the series with your kids: Azar ke Aye Ge Baraat, Dolly Ke Aye Ge Baraat, Takay Ke Aye Ge Baraat and Ainee Ke Aye Ge Baraat. The characters and situations are hilarious. Plus there is lots of shadi humour!


I love Faiza Iftikhar as a writer and she has recreated the classic Urdu drama Mirat-ul-uroos into a comedy. Watch this one for great laughs and to enjoy Fawad Khan in a very different role!

5. Aun Zara (2013)

This is another Faiza Iftikhar classic and the story of a boy and girl who are spoilt by their families and now married to each other. There are numerous funny situations in this one and relatable characters for the teenagers.

6. Jackson Heights (2014)

Children who live in North America, Europe or Australia will relate to the setting and story of Jackson Heights.

7. EIK THI MARYAM (2016)

This inspiring telefilm was based on the life of Maryam Mukhtar (shaheed), the first woman fighter pilot from Pakistan to give her life in duty. This story will inspire young children and is a lovely addition in Pakistan dramas with strong women.


8. TANHAIYAN (1985)

Tanhaiyan is the favourite drama for all children of the 80s. Marina Khan and Shehnaz Sheikh became the darlings of every Pakistani household with their brilliant portrayal of two sisters who stand together in the face of adversity and the trials of life. The drama is hilarious and entertaining, with memorable characters. I’m sure Qabacha will be the family favourite soon!

9. Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay (2012)

This is the sequel to the Tanhaiyan series made 27 years after the original. I loved this one also!


Shehnaz from Alpha Bravo Charlie inspired and motivated a generation of Pakistani women to lead their life with purpose and dare to make unconventional decisions. This is a hilarious drama that shows army life and its challenges.

11. ANKAHI (1982)

Sana Murad was a determined lady who wanted to improve the condition of her poor family. The story is hilarious with a train of memorable characters but also explores serious topics and also shows family kinship like no other! The children will like the character of Jibran.

12. DHOOP KINARAY (1987)

How many girls in the 1980s dreamed to become doctors after watching this PTV classic? Each and every character is etched in our memories and I never tire from watching the episodes again.

13. Deyar-e-Dil (2015)

Deyar-e-dil is a lovely story of family bond. Your children will also love experiencing the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan in the setting of this drama.

Honourable mentions: I would love to watch teen bata teen, sashlik and fifty fifty with my kids, if only I can find a good print! I’m also planning to watch Babra Sharif’s Nadan Nadia and will report back here!

Hope you enjoyed this list of Pakistani dramas to watch with your kids. Which ones would you add to this list? Let’s crowd source!


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  1. Great list of good times. I would like to add ‘Tum Say Kahna Tha’ starring Ali Haider Marina Khan! See these two big names? My childhood heros!

  2. If you like ehd-e-wafa and alpha, bravo charlie, you’d also like Sunehre Din (prequel to both of these). It’s one of my all time favourites!

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