Shoes Inside the House: Yes, Maybe or Never?

In almost all cultures around the world, having guests over is a matter of honour and pride. Especially in the desi/southasian/brown culture, guests are considered a blessing. The etiquettes of hospitality in our culture require making the guests feel comfortable and welcomed. This might bring a few house rules in conflict with the requirements of hospitality and the one I would like to discuss today is: do you allow shoes inside the house?

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10 Reasons Why I Love Yakeen Ka Safar

Yakeen Ka Safar is the latest Pakistani drama airing on HUM TV that’s gaining popularity around the world and being discussed in everyone’s living rooms. I started watching the drama a little late and caught up on all the episodes two weeks back. Like countless ones before me, I’m also hooked now. Here are all reasons why I’m loving Yakeen Ka Safar. Spoiler Alert if you haven’t watched all the episodes.

Yakeen Ka Safar

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Salam to Imam Hussain

The martyrdom of Imam Hussain in the battlefield of Karbala is commemorated in various ways around the world. One of the traditions that developed in the subcontinent was Soz, Salam, Marsiya and Noha in urdu as part of the Majlis. Each of these have different moods and content. The Salam is paying respect to the various Heros and the soz is a short tragic poem themed around the events of Karbala. The marsiya is a longer recitation telling a story from Karbala and Noha is recited at the end of the majlis along with matam. Each of these deserves blog posts of their own and today I’m going to talk about a few of my favourite ways to say Salam to Imam Hussain.

Salam to Imam Hussain

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What to Expect When You Attend a Muharram Majlis

Maybe you have been thinking about it for a long time or maybe you have recently felt curious, but the prospect of attending a Majlis in Muharram is on your mind. You feel a bit anxious because of security concerns and a little fear of the unknown …┬áLet me take care of the second scenario so you feel better prepared of what to expect at a Muharram Majlis.

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Review of Punjab Nahi Jaungi

I saw the movie Punjab Nahi Jaungi tonight in the cinema in Calgary. This is the recent Pakistani movie released this Eid staring Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat amongst other very prominent names from the Pakistan drama industry. It is written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar who is famous for dramas such as Sadqay Tumhare and Pyaray Afzal. Here is my review without any spoilers!

Punjab Nahi Jaungi

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All Things Eid

Eid is a special time to celebrate with family and friends. When I moved to Canada nine years ago, I spent the first couple of Eids getting bored at home, calling family in Pakistan and reflecting that ‘nothing happens here on Eid’. When I became a mother, I realized that I needed to plan myself and make Eid exciting for my children just as it had been in my own childhood.

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Teri Raza Review

Are you watching the Pakistani Drama Teri Raza? I started the drama in great anticipation due to the stellar cast and hype of Sanam Baloch’s return. However the first episode of Teri Raza really put me off. I think I blame Shehroz Sabzwari’s V-neck shirt and the whole 90s vibe to the drama. I felt that the director was really out of touch with present times. It’s ironic then that it’s the same old school feel because of which I’m now following the drama.

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