Ms. Marvel Episode 4

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: Salam Karachi!

Lights, Biryani, Action! Ms. Marvel episode 4 had it all and was my kids’ most favourite episode till now. Of course, we have been loving them all and you can read my review of Ms. Marvel Episode 1 and 2 here. Ms. Marvel episode 3 stood out, because after establishing the diversity in the cast, the super hero story proceeded effortlessly in Kamala Khan’s Pakistani-American Muslim life. An encounter with the villains while dressed in your mehndi desi best? No worries, at all! Especially when one of them is the amazing Nimra Bucha. 

But Ms. Marvel episode 4 totally takes things to another level as Kamala Khan arrives in Karachi to meet nani played by the adorable and graceful Samina Ahmed, and discovers more aspects of her family history and story. I will be sharing a review without any spoilers.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review:

Karachi is now officially part of the Marvel world, along with brilliant music from Pakistan such as Pasoori, the Sibbi song, Nazia Hassan’s Disco Deewanay, Doobne De, Mera Laung Gawacha, Aag and Babia (how amazing was that cover by the beach?).

And can we talk about the truck art and the Urdu! My children squealed in delight when they saw Ms. Marvel written in Urdu! Along with “pechle baar” for a preview of the episodes before.

This is why I love Ms. Marvel: Urdu, Pakistani culture and Muslim representation is so organically part of the story that as characters switch between Urdu, say Bismillah, or are gifted a waist coat (if you know you know!), it’s part of the story and not a statement.

Loved the fight sequences and that confrontation between Farhan Akhtar and Nimra Bucha, two powerhouses of talent from the sub-continent, was something my geek dreams are made of!

For once I did not mind seeing villains in kamiz shalwar by Hollywood! 

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, what a brilliant job you have done. That partition train station scene towards the end, moved us all. I felt like I was there along with my dadi; part of her story as a 21-year-old moving across the new border on the last train. The tragic grandeur of that scene was a visual representation of what many of us have heard or discussed. To see it on screen and be part of the largest human migration in history, was humbling. You did justice to the collective imagination shared over the years.

There was discussion on social media about nani‘s comment about migration, borders, identity and “lazy English men” and that it shows the Indian view of partition and not Pakistani. I felt nani was discussing her own personal experience and she was talking about how the border was drawn in a hurry by an English man who had never set foot in the subcontinent before, with no idea about the communities and ties. With collective history there are always views and feelings. I feel we should let individual opinions breathe to make peace with a world reality that keeps evolving.

We saw that glimpse of Fawad Khan, all of us were waiting for! Can’t wait for episode 4 to see more of Hassan Nana. Nimra Bucha is such a cool cat! Love her! And how adorable is Samina Ahmed. Loved the mother-daughter moments she shared with Muneeba. The Pakistani actors, Asfandyar Khan and Vardah, playing Kamala’s cousins were super believable as everyday urban Karachi kids. 

There is was so much that was endearing about Ms. Marvel episode 4, such as eating biryani out of a shopping bag, the everyday Pakistanis in the back, that typical Pakistani airport welcomes, etc,  I need to watch the episode a few times! Thank you Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Bisha K. Ali, Sana Amanat, Marvel Studios and everyone involved.

I’m off to listen to Dobne De (Reprise) by Hassan & Roshaaan, again. Did you enjoy this Ms. Marvel episode 4 review? I’m watching it on Disney Plus but it’s also showing in cinemas in Pakistan!