preparing a first period kit

Let’s Talk About First Periods and Preparing a First Period Kit

Do you remember the experience of getting your first period? For most of us, it is not the most pleasant memory and for many like me, they had no idea what was happening to them! I thought I was going to bleed away to my slow eventless death. However, times have changed and so has parenting. We now talk to our children about changes in their body and help prepare them for it. So let’s talk about preparing our daughters for this change and also putting together a first period kit.

The First period Experience

The age when girls start their first period depends on many factors but there are many physical changes a parent can watch out for. When you feel the time is near, have a chat with your child about changes in their body, what it means and how best we can prepare for it. I feel half the battle is won, when a person is mentally prepared for what lies ahead.

Yes, the first few days and times can be messy, as young girls try to deal with a big change in their life. I remember I had to miss two days of school because we had a dance performance on stage and my mother was worried that I would not be up for it. I understand her worry now as a parent myself, but I really wish she had told my teacher the real reason and not that I was “sick”. There was shame in talking about periods and when I went back to school, my dance partners weren’t too convinced that I was “sick” and I still didn’t have it in me to tell them the truth.

It was all so “hush hush”. I was quite a late bloomer but I had noticed that some girls were excused from the class in a hurry and then rushed to Zubaida Apa in the science lab who apparently could help them.

And can we have a moment for the “pads” we had to prepare with the cotton bales and wrap them in paper. They were huge and so uncomfortable. But I am sure better for our health than the chemically packed ones. Interestingly I found some organic cotton pads in my search for safer options for my daughter. They are compact, made with organic cotton but guess what? more expensive now!

Preparing a First Period Kit

Here are some things I would put in a first period kit to carry along in a school bag or whenever away from home:

  • A clean pair of pants
  • pads
  • wipes
  • period panties (you can put regular panties also but these don’t stain and hold more)
  • A trash bag to dispose off

A few nice extras are:

  • A painkiller or heating pad
  • A treat like a chocolate
  • A cute encouraging note
  • hand sanitizer

What would you put in first period kit? How was your first period experience? Do share your thoughts!