Urdu Poems for Kids

Urdu Poems for Kids: Eik tha Pyara Mian Khargosh

Here is one of the fun urdu poems for kids that I wrote called “Eik the Pyara Mian Khargosh“. This poem is about a naughty rabbit who was extremely naughty and then learns his lesson. We wrote and sang this poem as part of our urdu lesson for خ and included lots of words from the same letter.

Urdu Poems for Kids

Here are the lyrics of the song:

Eik tha pyara mian khargosh,

Nahi tha jis ko koi hosh,

Banata tha yo khayali pulao,

Aur phir kehta tha “ayo aur khao”,

Hote the us ko har roz kharish,

Kionke nahata tha, jab hote the barish,

Dekhta tha yo har waqt khawab,

Aur karta tha har kaam kharab,

Eik din khala ne samjhaya,

Aur us ko bhi hosh aya,

Waqt hai sab se bara khazana,

Us ko na lotana, us ne jana,

Mehnat se us ne kamaye shaan,

Ab hai yo pooray khandaan ke jaan.

We hope you enjoy this urdu poem for kids.

Urdu Learning Tips – Urdu Poems for Kids

  • You can sing this song when you talk about the urdu alphabet  خ
  • Ask children to recognize words in this song that start from  خ
  • This song can also be used when you talk about animals and you can teach children about the urdu word for rabbit that’s called khargosh.

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Urdu Poem for Kids


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