O Canada in Urdu!

ٰO Canada, the national anthem of Canada, has been beautifully rendered in Urdu by the maestro himself, Sohail Rana. As we celebrate the 150 years of Canada, it’s an honor to share this lovely version of O Canada in Urdu.

O Canada in Urdu

Sohail Rana, is a well-known name because of his contribution to the music industry in Pakistan. We all remember him because of classics like Sang Sang Chalay, the beautiful songs he has produced for the film industry and the artists he introduced. Watch him now perform in Canada, as he produces O Canada, in Urdu.

Here are the lyrics of O Canada in Urdu:

O Canada, tu pyara des mera,

Tujh pe jaan nisaar,

Mere jahan bhi sunay pukar,

Rakhe qadam qadam, hum janam janam,

Ho kar mazboot azad,

Jahan jahan se hum agay hoay hain zun,

tujhe dekhein sada abad,

Rakheyo khuda ye dharte,

Hari bhari khushhaal,

O Canada ! hum tere jaan pe nisar,

O Canada! hum tere jaaaaaaaaaan peeeee nisaaaaaar!

We hope you enjoyed this beautiful rendition of O Canada in Urdu! Let’s teach it to our children to help spread the love of Urdu and Canada.

Zeynab and I also sang this song in Urdu!  Catch it here:

I have often wondered that how and when do you become a citizen of a country. Is it when you get the passport, the right to vote, or is it when your heart flutters with pride and your eyes tear up with emotion when you sing the national anthem? I have called Canada home for many years and became a Canadian citizen in 2015. I’m proud to be a Pakistani-Canadian. My hearts beats for both countries.

Happy Birthday Canada!

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