Weekly Meal Plan: Aaj Kya Pakana Hai

Monday is coming! To spare yourself getting haunted by the question “Aaj kya pakana hai?” (what do I cook today) here is a weekly meal plan! Lots of options like Salmon, Chicken Bihari Boti, Cauliflower rice, Pepper Chicken etc! Have fun!

salmon recipe meal plan

Monday: Salmon, Spicy Potatoes and Salad

Marinate the Salmon with a little lemon and salt and fry with a tablespoon of oil. Eat with spicy potatoes and a green salad.

Tuesday: Chicken Behari Boti

Love this chicken behari boti recipe by Fauzia’s kitchen fun that goes great with some raita and naan. Best part is that my kids love it!

Wednesday: Dal, Chawal and potato Cutlets

Dal chawal is a great classic for wednesday along with potato cutlets. Love this simple dal recipe. Make some extra one and freeze for next week.

Thursday: LeftOvers Day

Celebrate a left overs day and take a break from cooking!

Friday:  Lahori Fried Fish

Love this crunchy lahori fried fish recipe from Flour and Spice blog! Goes great with fries or salad.

Saturday: Chicken and Vegetable Pasta

This chicken and vegetable pasta is a simple and hearty dish for the weekend.

Sunday: Pepper Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

Pepper Chicken with cauliflower rice is a great and healthy option for Sunday dinner. Here is a super easy way to make cauliflower rice at home. And I love this pepper chicken recipe from Fauzia’s kitchen fun.

Hope you enjoy these recipes and it makes answering “Aaj kya pakana hai” easier for you! If you have young children at home, here are ideas for 30 days of lunch to send off to school in the lunch box!

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