Chicken and Vegetable Pasta 

Zubaida Tariq’s cookbook is one of the first ones I bought when I was moving from Pakistan to Canada. That was eight years ago and I still refer to this cookbook for quick recipes, although I make changes now based on our family preferences and what I have on hand.

Made some yummy Chicken and Vegetable Pasta based on Zubaida Tariq’s chicken chowmein recipe. Didn’t have chowmein noodles at home, so used rotini pasta. Also for vegetables used capsicum and peas because again, that’s what I had at home. Also skipped the “knorr chicken cubes”. For a bit of kick, I added some “Nandoes sauce ” but you can use any chilli sauce you have at home or just plain chilli flakes. Below is the original recipe in Urdu from the book.

 I’m adding a quick English translation. If you need more details let me know!

Marinate the boneless chicken cubes in some white vinegar (one tablespoon), soya sauce (two tablespoons), salt (to taste) and corn flour (one table spoon) for atleast half an hour.

Prepare the pasta (I used Rotini) by bringing water to a boil in a big pot. Add the pasta along with one tablespoon oil. After the pasta is done, pour them in a colander (chani in Urdu) and now rinse with some cold water. Add some vegetable oil and they won’t stick together.

Heat some oil in a pot and add one small red onion chopped in small pieces. When it turns pink, add one tablespoon of ginger garlic pasta and fry it it a bit. Now add the marinated chicken and cook at medium heat. Let the chicken change colour to a white and then light brown. Now add the chopped vegetable. I used capsicum and peas. Add two tablespoons soya sauce, salt to taste, one tablespoon sugar, two tablespoons vinegar, sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper and some chilli sauce (I used Nandos sauce, but you can use any or plain chilli flakes). Cook for five minutes. Now add some sesame seed oil on top and chopped green onions. You’re done! If you like the taste, sprinkle some ground Parmesan cheese. 

Let me know how it turns out!