Welcome to Urdu Mom! I’m Tamania, a Pakistani-Canadian raising two bilingual (Urdu/English) kids in Calgary, Canada.

My blog covers cooking, recipes, parenting, multiculturalism, lifestyle, travel and resources to pass on cultural values to children in engaging ways. I have worked in marketing for several years and have an MBA, Bachelors in Computer Sciences and a certificate in Public Relations.

My work has been featured on OMNI TV, CTV News (Alberta Primetime), Metro News (Calgary), Such TV Morning Show, Radio FM 98.4 and FM 91.

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Welcome to the blog: a little intro on the blog.

My Urdu Story: where and how I got my love of Urdu.

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  1. Wow, Tamania; you’re certainly an inspiration. It’s great that my daughter found it for me 🙂 I came to Canada recently and have recently been learning about the possibility of a community effort towards raising Urdu-English bilingual children in the Region of Peel (GTA). You have developed a great resource that many moms/parents can benefit from.
    Thank you 🙂

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