lalbaig costume pakkay dost

LalBaig Costume from Pakkay Dost

We love the Urdu cartoon series for kids, Pakkay Dost by Bilal Maqsood. It’s fun, engaging and educational for children. Imagine the joy of our generation that grew up with Strings, to have the genius of Bilal Maqsood creating music made for our children now! “Bajjo” is my favourite character and Zayn loves Lalbaig. So we thought how about we put together a Lalbaig costume for Zayn! Follow along with us!

LalBaig Costume from Pakkay Dost

If you haven’t seen Pakkay Dost yet, what are you waiting for? I will link a video here for you to watch the show!

The puppets for Pakkay Dost were designed by Allison Ewert from Saskatoon of veryhappypuppets

I love re-using supplies for costumes so I did some digging in the basement and found an old ladybug costume that Zeynab used. We had passed this on to a friend to use for her kids and she passed it back to us to use for Zayn.

lalbaig costume from a ladybug costume

I realized I could flip this costume inside out and use it!

lalbaig costume from a ladybug costume

Also found a red lounging set for Zayn to wear underneath. Chose this one as a sustainable choice so that he can year it all year around (as long as it fits!).

lalbaig costume from pakkay dost

Also bought a set of googly eyes and used some felt cloth I had at home (for the hair piece) along with a blue pom pom for the nose.

lalbaig costume supplies

I used a hot glue gun to fix the googly eyes, the felt piece for hair and the blue pom pom for the nose.

And that was it! Here’s an image of the Lalbaig costume put together and how it looked on Zayn:

lalbaig costume from pakkay dost

We love how the costume came together. Zayn was super comfortable in it and loved playing around in it.

I also loved the conversations this Lalbaig costume from Pakkay Dost started. Whenever someone asked that what is Zayn dressed up as, I loved how Zeynab and Hussein would step forward and explain that Pakkay Dost is an Urdu cartoon that Zayn loves and Lalbaig is a character from the show!

Hope this Lalbaig costume brings smiles on your faces. Do checkout Pakkay Dost and keep passing on Urdu to your children in loving fun ways.

lalbaig costume from Pakkay Dost

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