Teri Raza Review

Are you watching the Pakistani Drama Teri Raza? I started the drama in great anticipation due to the stellar cast and hype of Sanam Baloch’s return. However the first episode of Teri Raza really put me off. I think I blame Shehroz Sabzwari’s V-neck shirt and the whole 90s vibe to the drama. I felt that the director was really out of touch with present times. It’s ironic then that it’s the same old school feel because of which I’m now following the drama.

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Pakistan Flag: Five Fun Crafts to Make it

Making the Pakistan Flag with the children is a great way to have a conversation about the colours, history and design of the flag. The Pakistan flag is one of the most beautiful in the world and quite simple to draw. Children can be encouraged to copy, trace and then create the design. Sharing 5 ways to make the Pakistan flag in this post through fun crafts.

Pakistan Flag

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Mommy Me Time: Some Fun Ideas to Make it Happen

We all talk about the importance of Mommy Me time but the challenge is always how to make it happen! Sharing some fun ideas on how to carve out time in our busy lives which is good for mom’s physical and mental well-being. And no, time browsing on your phone does not count! We are talking about actual Mommy Me Time that takes her away from her everyday responsibilities so that she returns rejuvenated and motivated.

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4 Ways to Have a “Giving” Birthday

Birthdays are a time of celebration. Some celebrate it through parties, others through experiences and some by reflection. I like to alternate through these three for my birthday and those of my children. One year we may have a big party, the other year a family experience and another something different. I feel a birthday can be celebrated in many ways and just like all things in life, having a balance and remembering those less fortunate than us, brings more joy and meaningfulness in birthdays. If you feel like having a big party for your birthday, by all means, enjoy and make the most of it! But if one year you feel like having a more “giving” birthday, here are some ideas.

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Pakistani Drama Baaghi Review (Episode 1)

The first episode of Baaghi was aired today on Urdu1. This is a Pakistani drama that is based on the life of social media sensation Qandeel Baloch who tragically became an honour-killing victim in 2016. Qandeel’s death sparked just as much intrigue and debate, as her life had.  There are many polarized opinions about Qandeel’s means to fame. Qandeel Baloch became one of the most well-known names in Pakistan after rising from a small village in Punjab. Baaghi is her story and gives us an insight into her life behind the selfies and the viral videos.

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