How to Make Friends When You’re an Adult

Making friends as a child was easy. You met them either at school, in the playground or they lived close by. There was lots of time to play and get to know each other. However as we grow older, friends move apart due to life and work circumstances and it becomes difficult to make new friends because we are short of time, energy and patience ourselves. If you have given up in your search to find sane normal human beings to call friends this post of “How to Make Friends When You’re an Adult” is for you!

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Health Talk: South Asians Face a Greater Risk of Diabetes and In Turn That of Heart Disease

Did you know that by just being South Asians we face a greater risk of type 2 diabetes? Did you also know that one in two people with type 2 diabetes will die of heart disease? I was alarmed to learn these facts and today would like to have a heart-to-heart with you all and discuss our lifestyle as South Asians.

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Review of Pakistani Drama Baaghi

I just finished watching the last episode of the Pakistani drama Baaghi and my heart is heavy with so many emotions: sadness, mourning and regret. Saba Qamar did a phenomenal job depicting the life, trial and challenges of the lead character. Baaghi was based on the life of social media sensation Qandeel Baloch who tragically became a victim of honor-killing in 2016.


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Do You Say Sorry to Your Kids?

Do you say sorry to your kids and own up to your mistakes? I wondered about this question, as I made a mistake last week and it turned out to be a great learning opportunity. Saying sorry to my kids is a totally opposite parenting experience than what I grew up with, but I have realized many benefits of this parenting choice. Before we discuss this more, let me first share my story.

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Pakistani Dramas with Strong Women Characters

I enjoy Pakistani dramas but I have been quite sick of the Bechari Mazloom Aurat syndrome that has plagued Pakistani dramas. I like stories where women are given stronger and more real characters rather than shown standing by the window, looking out wistfully, crying buckets while the viewers are tortured by a never-ending much-too-loud soundtrack. So here is my list of Pakistani dramas with strong women characters.

pakistani dramas with strong women

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