aalo baingan recipe

Aalo Baingan Recipe

This Aalo Baingan recipe is a beloved memory from my childhood: hot summer afternoons and eating aalo baingan with hot fresh rotis in my nani’s house. Aalo Baingan translates into potatoes and eggplant in english and is a spicy curry that can be eaten with roti or with white rice. Ammie was visiting me last month and I asked her to not just make it for me but also share the aalo baingan recipe as she remembers it.

Aalo Baingan Recipe


Egg Plant: 1 ( large size)

Potato: 3 or 4 ( medium size)

Tomatoes: 4 ( medium size)

Tomato paste: 2 tablespoon

Pickle (mango or any you have): 2 tablespoon

Salt: to taste

Red chillies: to taste

White zeera: 1 tablespoon

Coriander: 1 teaspoon

Green chilli: 1

Gram Masala :1 teaspoon

Aalo Baingan – How to Make:

Cut the eggplant and tomatoes in small pieces.

Cut every potato in at least four pieces. Chop the coriander and cut the green chilli in small pieces..

Heat some oil in a pot.

Now add some white zeera and let it roast. You will know this as you smell the aroma.

Now add eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes all together in a pot . Don’t add water .

Add salt and red chillies according to your taste and lower the heat. 

Put the lid on the pot and let everything cook covered. After 6 to 7 mins open the lid and mix everything. Now cover it again to cook more.

Check potatoes till they are almost done. Then add the tomato paste, pickles and the chopped coriander, cut green chillies and gram masala . Cover it again. It will be ready after five minutes.

It is extremely important not to add water and to keep the flame low throughout.

You can enjoy aalo baingan with roti or boiled rice. 

A big thank to Ammie for writing down the recipe and sharing it with us all. I know I will be referring back to this myself. Do share if you make this aalo baingan recipe and how it turns out!

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