guest etiquettes when visiting someone

Guest Etiquettes When Visiting Someone

I never realized that my Guest Etiquettes series on Instagram will attract the viral attention that it did. Most important are the conversations that are happening through comments and shares as people share their own experiences. Turns out this topic definitely needs to be discussed more!

I shared tips for visiting with kids a few years ago and you can read this complete guest etiquettes for visiting with kids post here.

I will share some guest etiquettes below and would love to hear your thoughts. What would you add or edit from this list:

  • Always try to be on time. If you will be running late, please inform the host.
  • Follow the house rules, especially for wearing shoes indoors or not. Take off your shoes at the entrance if the host isn’t wearing shoes. Here is a detailed post I did about whether to wear shoes inside the house or not.
  • If you want to help the host(ess) and taking a dish along, please make sure it’s prepared and in a dish ready to service. Don’t attempt to fry or bake at the host’s house and add to their stress.
  • Flowers are a wonderful hostess gift, however don’t take them at a big party because the host will not have time to set them in a vase till much later. Maybe offer to help, take the flowers in a vase or switch with a plant?
  • Regifting is ok, however do follow these rules for regifting.
  • Don’t complain about how far the host’s house is as soon as you enter (and use that as an excuse for being late!)
  • Don’t comment on the area: how congested, isolated or far away it is, in your opinion.
  • Stay seated wherever you’re welcomed. Don’t wander into the other rooms without permission. Don’t ask for a house tour unless the host offers themselves.
  • One of the most important guest etiquettes is not to ask personal questions: if the place is rented or owned? how much the rent is? etc etc.

The list of guest etiquettes can run quite long and I will continue to add to the list. Which ones would you add here? Esp for desis, brown folks and South Asians.

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