Etiquette of receiving gifts

Etiquette of Receiving Gifts: The Do’s and Don’ts

Usually people talk about the rules of giving gifts. Those are definitely important but so are the proper manners of receiving gifts. In this post I would like to discuss the etiquette of receiving gifts.

1. Use the gift

If possible try and use the gift and share with the receiver so that they can see how the gift was appreciated by you. If the gift is money, you can share the ideas of how you plan to use it. If you can’t share in person, you can always send a message or an email with pictures.

2. Don’t rush into returning the gift

Don’t feel compelled to return the gift right away or to panic if you don’t have a gift to give. Rather acknowledge the gift and thank the giver. It’s important to show gratitude in the moment, rather than focussing on returning the favour.

3. Don’t negotiate the gift

Receive the gift with gratitude and don’t try and negotiate it by asking for a replacement, different colour or a gift receipt. 

4. Don’t backbite about the gift

When someone gives you a gift, don’t backbite about it with others. A gift should never be expected. When it’s given, in any form, you must show appreciation for it, even if it does not live up to your expectations.

5. Appreciate the spirit of gift giving

The spirit of gift giving is to increase love amongst each other and to show appreciation. The receiver must also appreciate the spirit of gift giving and return the same good vibes.

Hope you enjoyed these etiquette of receiving gifts. What would you add to this list?

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