Singing Happy Birthday in Urdu

The “Happy Birthday” song is one of the most popular and well-recognized songs in the world. A few years ago I was invited to my daughter’s preschool for her birthday celebration in the classroom. The children knew how to sing the birthday song in English, Spanish and French. One of the teachers was from Italy and sang the birthday song in Italian and a young boy who knew the language proudly joined her. She then turned to me and asked if I would like to sing the “Pakistani” version of “Happy Birthday”. I was stumped.

I have since found an answer…actually two! Here are two songs in urdu that you can sing to wish a happy birthday or “Salgirah Mubarik”.

Above is a video of my daughter and I celebrating Bhalu’s birthday and singing the two songs on our YouTube channel.

The first birthday song is “Jungle mein Mungle” from an old pakistani movie with Nadeem, Babra Shareef, and the adorable Agha Talish. The lyrics go like this:

Jungle mein mungle, Teray he dum se,

Sab ne ye shor machaya hai,

Salgirah ka din aya hai

(You can also add the birthday boy/girl’s name in the song).

The second birthday song can be used on any happy occasion but especially on birthdays!

Mubarik tumhein, Kushi ka ye sama,

Mubarik mubarik, tumhein ye kehkashan,

Salamat raho, raho tum jahan,

Salamat salamat, raho shadman

To catch the tunes of these songs, you can watch my daughter and I celebrating Bhalu‘s birthday on our YouTube channel.

I have written earlier about birthdays and how to bring urdu into our celebrations.

Do let me know if you enjoyed these songs!

One thought on “Singing Happy Birthday in Urdu

  1. شکریہ تمانیہ حسبِ معمول زبردست کاوش:)
    امید ہے اگلی مرتبہ آپ کئ بار یہ گیت گائیں گی تاکہ سننے والے بچّے آپ کے ساتھ گا کر اسے اچھی طرح
    سیکھ سکیں

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