Meal Plan for the Week

The new week is upon us and here are some ideas of what to cook for the entire week. There are many delicious recipes in here like lamb chops, zucchini pasta, salmon, afghani pulao etc. So let’s talk about the meal plan for the week!

Meal Plan Lamb Chops

Monday: Baked Salmon + Potatoes

Start the week right with baked salmon and spicy potatoes. Marinate the Salmon in lemon juice + salt and fry with a dab of oil on low heat. Serve with spicy potatoes and a garden salad. Spicy potatoes recipe here.

Tuesday: Dal + White Rice + Shami Kebab

Dal with white rice is a classic recipe. Try this winner of a dal recipe and serve with Shami Kebab. I love to make a simple kachumar salad alongside too.

Wednesday: Zucchini Pasta

Zucchini pasta or Zoodles are a great healthier alternative to regular pasta. You can make pasta from zucchini either from a vegetable peeler, a special machine or ready made from the market (available in the produce section).

Blanch the zoodles for 30 seconds and saute for a minute. Mix in pesto sauce and chopped cherry tomatoes. If you have a meat lover in the house, you can add cooked pieces of chicken (marinate chicken cubes in ginger/garlic paste + cornflour + soya sauce and then fry).

Thursday: Leftovers Day

I love having a leftovers day to rest and empty out the fridge.

Friday: Lamb Chops + VeGetables

I didn’t like lamb till I ate it! Now i’m a fan. Follow this simple recipe below. I had shoulder lamb chops on hand but you can also use regular lamb chops or the whole lamb of rack. Serve with baked asparagus and potatoes.

Dinner tonight: baked lamb shoulder chops, asparagus and potatoes. I never liked lamb, till I ate one! This one tasted delicious (and didn’t have much smell) with a simple marinade. You can also use lamb chops or the whole rack of lamb. Mix lemon juice, salt, red chili powder, tandoori masala, ginger and garlic paste. Pour on the lamb chops and mix well with your hands. Refrigerate atleast for 24 hours. Preheat oven to 400 F. Place chops inside the oven on a baking sheet for 15 mins. Turn and cook for another 10 mins. Turn broil on for the last 2 minutes. Serve with baked vegetables (we made asparagus and potatoes). You can make a sauce on the side. We didn’t need any. Was delicious! Best part, almost all the lamb I have found in Alberta is halal! Enjoy the recipe! Give lamb a chance 🙂 #recipes #whatsfordinner #lambchops

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Saturday:  Afghani Pulao + Salad

Afghani Pulao is a special treat for the weekend! Pick one recipe from these two amazing ones! Serve with raita and a simple salad of tomatoes + onions + coriander + lemon juice.

Sunday: Pizza Paratha

Why choose between Pizza and Paratha when you can have both on Sunday? Try this recipe from Food Fusion.

Hope you enjoyed this meal plan for the week! Let me know if you try these recipes!