Shami kebab recipe

Fun-shaped Shami Kebab

I love making big batches of shami kebab. Having trays of frozen kebabs in my freezer make me feel assured that a healthy dinner can be ready in 10 mins. Today I tried to give my Shami Kebab fun shapes and the kids loved it! Sharing the steps and the shami kebab recipe.

Here is my (fairly fool proof) shami kebab recipe:

Shami Kebab Recipe:

Take one pound of boneless veal, wash thoroughly and leave to strain so that all water leaves. The meat should be cut in cubes.
Now put this is in a pot of hot water, with one cup of Chana Daal (can be found in superstore), one cup of onions chopped, salt, ground garam masala and ginger-garlic paste.

Let it cook for 2-3 hours. Add water (always hot) if needed till meat becomes totally soft. Manage water such that when meat is done the water dries out too.

Shami Kebab Recipe variation with Instant Pot:

To make Shami Kebab in an Instant Pot put the veal, chana dal, onion and all the spices in an Instant Pot with half a cup of hot water. Cook on Manual for 25 minutes. When you open and feel the mix is too wet, put on “Saute” and dry the mix.

Rest of the Recipe:

Put the mix in the food processor and mince it into a smooth paste.


Now add one or two eggs (beat separately) and chopped cilantro. First add one egg, if you feel mixture is still dry then add another.

If you feel consistency is too dry, you can add olive oil. If you feel mix has become liquidy, add some bread crumbs.

Take out some cookie cutters and make fun shapes. We chose a dress, ninjas and stars today. Fry the kebab. Don’t overcrowd the pan.

Arrange on a plate with vegetables for your child. Get creative and have fun!

You can freeze the kebab after you have given them the shapes, to be taken out when needed. You can make regular circular ones too besides the fun shapes.

Kebabs go great in sandwiches, with vegetables or with mutar pulao.

Let me know how your children enjoy this shami kebab recipe!

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  1. Since you already add the egg to the mixture, do you not dip in egg before frying? Thanks! Looking forward to trying this using the instant pot!

  2. no namak/mirch? or did I miss it? I’ve never made shami kebab before so I dont know what a typical recipe includes.

  3. Hello! I havent tried veal Shami Kababs before and find this so interesting! I wanted to try this with ground beef as that is what I have on hand – any thoughts on that? Also, how much garam masala and ginger garlic? Thank you!

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