34 Random Things I Miss About Winters in Islamabad 

Winters in Canada are so diffferent from the ones in Pakistan. In Calgary we brace ourselves for the cold whereas in Islamabad the months of winter were a welcome change from the hot weather.  Here are 34 random things I’m missing about winters in Islamabad on this cold day in Calgary.

1. The piles of oranges that were devoured sitting under the warm winter sun.

2. The endless walks treading on crisp fallen leaves.

3. Meetups with friends where you could meet anyone who mattered in the city at the same coffee place.

4. The amazing nashta spread at Ammie’s house every morning (that I didn’t have to make myself).

5. The beautiful roses that bloomed even in winter.

6. When the clouds come rolling over the Margalla Hills…

7. And the drives through beautiful rain-drenched roads of Islamabad listening to Vital Signs.

8. The view of Islamabad from up at Peersohawa.

9. The random hilarious graffiti.

10. Family huddles around the heater enjoying tea, dry fruit and gupshup.

11. The beautiful Islamabad winter afternoons when the dhoop flirts with the chaon. 

12. The Islamabad club that feels like home with the memories and the warm welcomes.

13. Chai and Rus dips.

14. Lazy TV watching with tea I don’t have to make myself.

15. Munchies ke chaat.

16. Tawa Machi at Table Talk

17. The best snack in the world: Makai ke Danay

18. The flower market in F7


19. Lemon Soda at Jinnah Market after dinner

Jinnah super market Islamabad

20. Those curly spicy Afghan chips wrapped in newspaper bags.


21. The cone icecream

22. Naps infront of the heater

23. And huddling infront of the make-shift heaters in times of gas-load shedding.

24. Those heavenly sweet lemon tarts

25. Soaking the winter sun with a great book

26. Beautiful sunsets

27. And more beautiful sunsets from the rooftop at home.

28. Post lunch chat sessions with family over chai.

29. Watching Islamabad from Saidpur Village while eating hotspot icecream

30. The most divine amrood and anaar fruit chaat.

31. The best combo in the world: Rus + Milkpak cream


32. Admiring Truck Art upclose.

33. Enjoying autumn colours and fresh blooms at the same time on the streets of Islamabad

34. That view of Faisal Mosque that always takes my breath away.

Truly, Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in world! What are some of your favourite memories from the city?

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12 thoughts on “34 Random Things I Miss About Winters in Islamabad 

  1. You took me back down memory lane..20 French fries with Afghan green chutney. Everything was spot on. Thanks Urdu Mom…

  2. Spot on!!! Tamania this brought so many cherished memories of one of the best times of my life, that I spent in Islamabad. Lemon tarts, Islamabad club, naps in front of the heater, ice cream cone, Afghan French fries……thanks for taking me down memory lane. Will share this post with a few Isloo friends who I haven’t met in a loooong time.

  3. The islamabadIan winters are/were way better than harsh Canadian winters, no doubt. I thought I was the only crazy one to enjoy ice-Cream in winter.
    I would add, lazy afternoon snooze on the terrace under the sun. Or even aloo-paratha ka brunch (not made by me ) out on the terrace on a sunny Sunday. Accompanied by Kashmiri chai.
    Don’t forget masala wali mooli from khan outside college gates.

  4. So true and just the perfect list! Islamabad is amazing this time of the year. So glad to be visiting and my Instagram feed is filled with these favorites. Wish you were here in Isloo too T would have been great to catch up.

  5. I was feeling nostalgic for those Afghan fries, and mentioned them to a colleague and wanted to show them to her – and I found your site – aaaaah….

    I will have to return to Islamabad to hopefully enjoy them once again!

    They have pride of place in my memory as the best fries I ever had…



  6. So much fun! I lived in pindi for about 6 years of my childhood and loved going to Islamabad to visit relatives. The last few times I have visited pakistan in winter and it’s devine there. I did majority of the stuff you mentioned there. Unless you have done it, no one can know the pleasure of sitting in front of the sun on a crisp winter morning with sweaters and socks! And the Chai! Oh the chai….you forgot my all time favorite thing about islamabad…Tehzeeb bakery!!! Oh lord!!! My husband just went and said that now it’s called something else. Thanks for the post!

  7. This is my bachpan, teen years In Islamabad too, every picture I could relate to. And what a button Zainab was as a baby.Thank you for this. Haven’t been home in 12 years and this brought it all back in crisp detail. Miss it!!

  8. Zabardastly written!!
    You took me down the memory lane..uff now missing Islamabad even more..i live in Dubai and here winters are like Karachi without heaters and all,I was telling the other day to my 7 year old daughter about these gas heaters and how we use to fight for our place in front of the heater..Margalla hills,monal,super,Jinnah super and f 10 markaz were the places..miss them a lot..thanks for taking me back to my home ?❤️❤️

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