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10 Reasons Why I Love Yakeen Ka Safar

Yakeen Ka Safar is the latest Pakistani drama airing on HUM TV that’s gaining popularity around the world and being discussed in everyone’s living rooms. I started watching the drama a little late and caught up on all the episodes two weeks back. Like countless ones before me, I’m also hooked now. Here are all reasons why I’m loving Yakeen Ka Safar. Spoiler Alert if you haven’t watched all the episodes.

Let me first give the disclaimer that this drama is probably not the best ever produced. Yes, I know there have been better ones before it and many others will follow. Our parents had PTV Classics like Angan Tera, Ankahi, Khuda ke Basti etc, Our generation had Dhoop Kinaray, Dhuwan, Alpha Bravo Charlie etc, a few years ago there was Hum Safar and now there is Yakeen Ka Safar. No need to pit one against the other. All these classics have made a new generation fans of Pakistani dramas and kept the industry thriving. That’s the important thing.

The story line of Yakeen Ka Safar does have some faults and many things I don’t agree with. But for a nation obsessed with criticizing itself and its own, I love how Yakeen Ka Safar is being universally appreciated. Let’s celebrate our own for once and count the many reasons why we love Yakeen Ka Safar.

1. Amazing Actors

The actors are not just talented but also good looking. Ahad Raza Mir is Pakistan’s latest new crush. Shaz Khan impressed as Barrister Daniyal (and is my favourite character in the drama). Sajal Ali continues to grow as an actress and Hira Salman fits her role perfectly. Another favourite character from the drama is Asfandyar’s mom who is graceful, loving and an anchor for her family.

2. Family Ties

Barrister Usman’s family exemplifies the love and respect within relationships that is the pride of our culture. Many of us aspire for a family that understands and supports each other the same way. We would all love to have a family just like theirs! A special mention of Noori’s brother who supported his sister despite all odds.

3. Positive Inlaws

What a relief watching a mother-in-law who is not controlling, a daughter-in-law who does not scheme and a dewar-bhabi friendship that is truly heartwarming!

4. Social Issues

Many social issues have been discussed in this drama such as the flawed justice system, rape, health care crisis in villages, domestic violence, emotional abuse and the feudal system.  All of us might not agree with their resolution or how they are presented. However we are thinking about these issues and that’s important.

5. Highlighting Professions

How many children of the 80s turned to the medical profession after Dhoop Kinaray? I’m sure the extremely emotional “Oath” scene from Episode 26 inspired thousands others. By showing the every day challenges of doctors there is increased respect for doctors. We see how they work long hours, care for their patients, face stressful decisions and no monetary reward is enough for the every day heroes that they are.

Yakeen Ka Safar

We saw a brilliant lawyer dedicated to his profession and an NGO worker rescuing a girl. I hope Yakeen Ka Safar encourages networks to take up different story lines and show the triumphs and challenges of various professions to encourage young ones.

6. Educational

Yakeen Ka Safar not only educates the audience about professions and social issues but also simple health topics. In a country with far more TV sets than books I hope dramas are used as a tool to educate in a light way.

7. Karma At Work

Karma is truly at work in this drama, with the recent justice for Daniyal, the fate of Zubia’s father and now his brother becoming a similar dictator.

8. Showcasing Beautiful Pakistan

Beautiful mountains, rushing streams and eye-soothing greenery, it’s lovely to be reminded of the beauty of Pakistan through Yakeen Ka Safar.

9. Graceful Confrontation

Instead of screams, over-the-top rona dhona or emotional blackmailing, the drama showed graceful confrontation and display of emotions. The epitome of this grace is Asfi’s mom. She is my favourite TV mom these days!

10. National Obsession

Talking about Moms, my own mother is eager to cut our daily call short on Wednesdays because she doesn’t want to miss Yakeen Ka Safar. When I shared this on social media, turns out this is ghar ghar ke kahani. I love how all of Pakistan is loving Yakeen Ka Safar together and uniting on atleast one thing together, even if it’s asfandiyar’s cuteness.

Yakeen Ka Safar

These are just some of the reasons why I’m loving this drama. There are many more and I would love to hear yours!

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