Yaqeen Ka Safar

Catching up on Yakeen Ka Safar

Yakeen Ka Safar is the latest Pakistani Drama gaining popularity since its start and is talked about passionately after each episode is aired. I didn’t watch this one from the start and only catch up on the episodes last night. So now that I have finally watched episode 25 I know why girls are gushing over Dr. Asfi or the drama over all.

Here are some observations after watching the drama till the latest episode:

  • Cutest Boy in the Drama: Let’s first talk about the reason this drama is getting all the buzz. If you’re thinking Dr. Asfi, yes he is nice but what about his older brother Barrister Daniyal! For me the two cutest boys in the drama till now are Noori’s younger brother and Asfi’s older brother Daniyal. It was heart warming the way Noori’s brother supported his sister. And I have become a big fan of Shaz Khan, who plays Barrister Usman, and excited to catch his other performances in Moor, Dobara Phir Se and Zid.
  • Asfand’s Transformation: Ahad Raza Mir is brilliant as Asfandayar. He stayed in the background as elder brother Daniyal shone in the lead. As the family moves to Neelam Valley, the whole mood of Yakeen ka Safar changes and along with it we see a serious and mature Asfi. The long hair are gone, he is supporting a beard and wears spectacles. He is upset with the injustice in the world and passionate about his case. He has a Mr. Darcy type air around him. No wonder he is Pakistan’s favourite new crush.
  • Women Working: I love how Yakeen Ka Safar shows professional women in a positive light. Zubiya wants to excel as a doctor and pores all her energy into making something out of her life. They still show that society (and her family) view her professional success as a poor consolation prize for not being “marriage-able”.
  • A Woman’s Choice to Work: In the same light, I love how Gaite works by choice, stays at home by choice with her child and goes back to work by her own choice. No guilt trips, no drama. Her family supports all her decisions.
  • Zubiya’s Shoes: Ms. Zubiya might be a great doctor but has a dubious choice in shoes. Those khussas are just not meant for the mountains (as her driver rightly told her). I know, I know, those same shoes caused her to have that small fall and then get bandaged by Dr. Asfi himself. But a better spare pair of sturdier shoes might be a good idea to keep on hand.
  • Zubiya’s Past: I’m intrigued that Zubiya was extremely disturbed when she realized that Dr. Asfi was the person who rescued her many years ago. We don’t know whether he remembers her. However since things have “warmed” up a bit between them, she hasn’t thought about this at all. Is this a twist the writer has reserved for the very end?
  • Inspiration from Dhoop Kinaray: I know this has been discussed that the drama takes inspiration from Dhoop Kinaray with the following similarities: hospital setting, ill-tempered senior doctor, funny junior doctor, nervous female lead doctor etc. But I think Yaqeen ka Safar is quite different. Firstly the hospital happened just in the second half, plus a big part of Dhoop Kinaray was the relationship of the lead characters with their fathers, the age difference between the leads and the issue of adoption.
  • First Cousin Marriages: Enough of these already in dramas! It’s so confusing in this drama too with all the mamoon jaans, chacha jaans etc!
  • Child Stars: Am I the only one who thought Gaiti’s son looked a lot like Mani and then stalked her account to confirm that it is actually her and Mani’s second child.
  • Shalwar Kameez: Why is a female character shown wearing Shalwar Kameez once she remorses her actions? Case in point: Faryal and her return in shalwar kameez and long dupattas.
  • Creepy/Scary Politicians: Just when i was happy that life in Neelam Valley was peaceful, the entry of Bahadur Khan and his creepy politician boss is making me very nervous. Trouble seems to be on the horizon in Yakeen Ka Safar.

Yaqeen Ka Safar

Hope you are all enjoying the drama too! Do let me know your take on all my observations. Always love hearing from you all.

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2 thoughts on “Catching up on Yakeen Ka Safar

  1. Like you i didn’t follow this one through from the start but look forward to each episode eagerly. Esp the scenes between Asfi and Zobia. And you’re right about the Dhoop kinaray feel.
    Regardless, can’t wait until they get together and hope there wont be any more evil twists.

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