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Why Nani’s House is the Best Place in the World

Visiting my Nani’s house is always one of the best parts of my Pakistan trip. The love, affection and familiarity with every nook and corner is priceless. I feel that my childhood is preserved in my Nani’s house and holds so many memories that are unlocked once I enter there.

As I shared visiting my Nani’s house on my Instagram stories many of you wrote back how you could relate to the experience. I’m grateful to all of you for the love and prayers for my adorable Nani. May Allah give her a long healthy life, ameen.

Here are some of my favorite sights and sounds from my Nani’s house.

The door that is always welcoming

I love this welcoming door and how my Nani is always MashaAllah standing there to greet me. May she have a long life, ameen.

The peace in MY Nani’s room

I love the peace and calm in my Nani’s bedroom that I can not find anywhere else in the world. I wish I could bottle the tranquility here and keep with me forever.

nani's house

The absolutely Delicious food Made by my Nani with Love

There is no food like the one cooked by my Nani. I have grown up enjoying her cooking and it’s still the best in the world.

My Nani walking around and over seeing everything (masha Allah)

My Nani’s presence is like a lovely energy flowing through the house with her management, prayers and care.

nani's house

My Nani’s Sewing Machine

My Nani’s sewing machine brings back many memories of watching her stitch our dresses overnight and fixing anything that the tailor made (because it did not come up to her standards).

nani's house

My Nani’s Namaz Table and old Cupboard

My nani has had this metal cupboard in her room since forever. I love the sight of her opening it and it still seems as magical as did in my childhood with treasures unknown.

nani's house

The picture wall

This picture wall in my Nani’s house is so special with pictures of my great grand parents, cousins and weddings.

nani's house

My Nani’s love and Affection

My Nani’s love, affection and hugs are ofcourse the best part!

nani's house

The lovely Artifacts

When I was a child I could stare at the decoration pieces in my Nani’s house for hours (hello, childhood before iPads)! Now when I look at them, I’m transported back to life years ago and many memories are unlocked.

nani's house

The lovely blooms in her garden

My Nani’s garden remains beautiful in any weather.

nani's house

Reliving my childhood

It is priceless watching my children play in the same garden as I did when I was their age and relive my childhood.

nani's house

What are some of your favorite memories from your Nani’s house?

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6 thoughts on “Why Nani’s House is the Best Place in the World

  1. Awww, it brought back memories of my Nani’ house in F-6/1 and we call her nano. May Allah bless her soul. No one replace the love and little old details that she had at her house.
    By the way I shared your mom picture with my mom and looks like they know each other so well. Ask your mom about my nana Syed Salman Rizvi.Good old Islamabad days ?

  2. This post gave me goosebumps. Beautifully written. Though my Nani is no more, but I always loved hearing her childhood stories from her! ❤️

  3. May Allah swt bless your nani with Jannah, ameen.
    This was so so beautifully written and though the images were different, it took me back to my Nani’s house in Lahore. She had a weird sense of tranquility in het room, her antique wooden almaari was always there in a corner, her sewing machine a staple in the corner of the living room and the meals she cooked which we only started to appreciate more and more once we were older.
    I am visiting Pakistan after 5 yrs, insha allah next month. She passed away 3.5 years ago. I have such a sinking feeling that I will go to her empty room this time.

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