Ms. Marvel Episode 1 and 2 Review

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 and 2 Review: This is Our Moment!

Proudly sharing Ms. Marvel episode 1 and 2 review, which is a joy for the heart and a song for my soul. A Pakistani-American Muslim super hero: “A superhero who looks like me!” This is truly our moment. We watched Ms. Marvel episode 1 and 2 on Disney+, where a new episode airs every Thursday. Folks in Pakistan can see the episodes in cinemas where two episodes will be airing every weekend starting from June 17, 2022.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 and 2 Review:

Kamala Khan (played by Iman Vellani) is a teenager all of us can relate to: be it her humour, awkwardness or parents (ammi, abu) who dish out regular Urdu words such as chalo, kamina, beta and most hilariously choti Hulk and bari Hulk! They are not your caricature of brown parents, but supportive, funny and loving. Anyone worried about representation from Pakistan, have no fear! There is “ko ko korina” playing in the background, a package from Pakistan from nani in a Mitchell’s box and lots of Urdu!
My children saw our family on TV: these are people like us. And a Muslim Pakistani-American female hero!

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy you totally kept it authentic! There is no exaggeration of accents, no apologetic over-explanations, or wardrobes that look like costumes. This is us. This is how we behave in our houses. We have fun, we say namaz in the mosque, we wear dupattas and yes, we also get crushes on cute new Pakistani boys in the school named Kamran (and might utter a MashaAllah at the right time).

I should correct myself here: I relate less to Kamala and more to her mother, Muneeba Khan (played by Zenobia Shroff). She is the one who moved to North America, raising children here and has family in Pakistan. She is modern but also repeats some desi parent classics such as “We trust you and not the world”, “You can be anything you want to, well almost anything!”

Kamala’s hijabi friend is one of the best depiction of hijabis I have seen in recent times on media: She is funny, fashionable and has political aspirations! Loving her campaign for the mosque board.

I love the character of Bruno, the white American friend in Kamala’s life. As Bruno tries to learn Urdu, wear kameez shalwar on Eid and fit into Kamala’s Pakistani-American Muslim life in Jersey, it’s a classic flip on how brown kids have tried to adjust in all-white situations before.

The music and art from Pakistan also blends authenticity in the story. The kids loved listening to Peechay Hut from Coke Studio Pakistan.

I had guessed that Samina Ahmed was the nani in episode 1, so was a delight to see her make an appearance in episode 2! Nimra Bucha totally wows with her appearances in episode 2 and we are intrigued to see more!

I love how stories from Pakistan-India partition have been weaved into the story. And we can’t wait to watch more.

A few folks messaged to ask about the appropriateness of the story for elementary kids. Episode 1 was quite halal (as Kamala’s parents would say), but episode 2 does have a few glimpses of high school life, but still quite innocent. My children didn’t seem to notice and we didn’t comment.

Have you seen Ms. Marvel yet? I would highly recommend folks in Pakistan to go watch it in the cinemas and everyone else can watch it on Disney+.

Hope you enjoyed this Ms. Marvel episode 1 and 2 review. Hope I have convinced you to watch it!