Kamli film review

Kamli Film Review by Ammie

I asked Ammie to do a Kamli film review, because she watched it in Pakistan and I’m still waiting for a release in Canada. So Ammie, or Bibi (as most of you know her), wrote down this review for you all. So over to Ammie (it’s in her own conversational style):

Kamli film review by Ammie:

“I was waiting desperately for Kamli the film release and was so excited when I saw the show timings in the Islamabad Club cinema. The movie was fantastic. It’s full of symbolism: like background voice of rain, water, cat, bird’s nest, earth, fire, a deaf girl and so much more.

One of the best elements of Kamli is music and photography as both played a great job in the movie. Music and lyrics helped a lot in showing the emotions of the characters.
Everyone did a great job. I always appreciate Nimra Bucha and Omaira Rana’s dialogue delivery. Sakina, played by Sania Saeed, is a strong and dominating sister in law, who is blind . Though I love Sania Saeed but here she is so irritating. Sorry Sania, but I hated this character! The beauty of her role is that we forget while watching the movie that she is Sania Saeed. Great job done by her.
Saba Qamar: no words for your realistic and close to natural performance! I loved the scene in which she went in the water where the amaltas flowers are sprinkled and she slowly vanishes in the water. It was extremely impactful with the background music .
Overall hat’s off to the whole Khoosat Team . You all deserve a huge applause. Sarmad now after this masterpiece movie we are expecting more and much more classic pieces from you. It’s a great challenge for you, best of luck .
In the end I wanted to convey to all of you that please promote Pakistani products.Be proud to be Pakistanis
wherever we are.
One more very important thing is that when we expect from our film industry to produce great stuff وہیں سے ہماری زمہ داری بنتی ہے کہ ہم بھی اسی محبت جذبہ اور ذمہ داری سے سینما جائیں اور فلم دیکھیں۔ میں ہمیشہ پاکستانی فلم ضرور دیکھتی ہوں اپنی فیملی کے لوگوں کو ساتھ لیکر جاتی ہوں۔
Best of luck to the film industry.”

This wraps up Kamli film review by Ammie. I love how she adds mom performance pressure to Sarmad Khoosat even while giving him a compliment! Gotta love our ammies!

Have you watched Kamli? I can’t wait to watch it and hope it comes to cinemas in Canada soon!

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