Cake the film review

Cake The Film Review: A Refreshing Treat from Pakistan with Many Layers of Laughs and Tears

I went to see ‘Cake’ today, the new film released by the Pakistan film industry, starring Aaminah Sheikh, Sanam Saeed and Adnan Malik. What an absolute treat! I highly recommend the movie since it offers a wholesome emotional experience with its many layers of laughs, tears and many opportunities for reflection. Here is Cake the film review from my heart to yours.

I went to see the film with my parents and kids. Yes, I was That mom! But I didn’t have an option and my kids generally behaved well (except for one mini tantrum after my 3-year-old ran out of popcorn)!  Maybe, it was befitting that I went to see the film with my family, because it’s really about family… in all it’s rawness. A family that all of us can relate to since there is love, suppressed emotions, tension, guilt, inside jokes and loyalty. No spoilers, I promise!

Cake the film Review: Is it Like Kapoor and Sons?

Let me answer the question that’s probably at the top of your mind: Is it like Kapoor and Sons? This was the impression a lot of people got from the trailer. No, this movie is not like Kapoor and Sons. Yes, there is a lot of focus on the siblings but the movie has a bigger theme of family and how the roles within family shift as parents age. The film reminded me a bit of Piku. However, that’s only because Piku (and Kapoor and Sons for that matter) presented adult children that all of us could relate to as we see our parents age and feel greater responsibility towards them.

A Mix Bag of Emotions

The movie is not all about fart jokes (as the trailer might have led you to believe) and neither is it two hours of crying. There was a good mix of jokes, light moments and then those scenes that give you a lump in the throat. I cried in two scenes and the lady behind me was proper sobbing. However, when the film finished, everyone left with a smile on their face. There was much opportunity for self-reflection. It took me a few hours to collect myself to write a review since it isn’t often that one story makes me feel such happiness and sadness at the same time.

Real, without any Filters

The story is real with relationships all of us can relate to. There is the middle sibling Zarreen fighting hard to prove her worth, the younger sister Zara who is forever protected and parents who are becoming more raw and childish as they age. There is the auntie forever prying in everyone’s life, house help who has been around for ever and the family house that is a treasure trove for memories for adult children as they come back home.

Not For Al-Bakistan

If you would rather that Pakistan became a part of Saudi Arabia, please don’t watch this movie. The ladies smoke (gasp!) and the lead hero is a catholic christian (double gasp!) and there is romance between a Muslim rich girl and the christian boy who is the son of the former house help (cue to faint after a round of Astaghfars)!

The story is a refreshing breath of tolerance and co-existence. My favorite scene has to be the last one that comes after the credits, do stay back for it!

A true Depiction of Pakistan

For once I felt a movie showed Pakistan as I truly know it! There is home, family, beautiful fields and villages but there are also dirt roads, trash on the roads and lizards running across the family heirloom clock. There are shrines, embroidered shawls and Quran recitation, but there are also new year parties, coffee houses and late night drives through the neighbourhood.

Beautiful Music

I’m listening to the music on Patari as I write this review. There are no dance numbers and no unnecessary songs. The soundtrack stays real like the story and provides soul to the movie. Loved the folk songs especially “Sajan Mo Khay”.

A visual Treat and Brilliantly Executed

I would love to see the movie a few times again simply because of the visual treat it is! Asim Abbasi has done a brilliant job with writing and direction. I’m a fan from today! For once I had no complaints with the editing. The movie stayed crisp and engaging.

Performance of a LIfeTime from All Actors

Sanam Saeed, Aaminah Sheikh, Adnan Malik, Syed Mohammad Ahmed and all the actors give the performance of a lifetime. The story moves forward with simple lines powered by brilliant acting.

Cake the Film Review: A family Entertainer

The movie is a family entertainer with no vulgarity. There are topics surrounding death and illness that might be disturbing for small children. My seven-year-old watched the movie intently and enjoyed it.

Cake the Film Review: Final Verdict

This is one of the best movies I have seen in the recent years. The fact that it is produced by the Pakistan film industry gives me immense pride. Do watch the movie, I highly recommend it! It reminded me of something that Zoya Akhtar/Farhan Akhtar would produce. Let’s hope that it becomes ‘Dil Chahta Hai” for the Pakistan film industry!

Have you seen the film? What did you think?

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6 thoughts on “Cake The Film Review: A Refreshing Treat from Pakistan with Many Layers of Laughs and Tears

  1. Would love to watch it! I hope it is shown here in Calgary as well! With the positive feedback from your end, it seems like a must watch!

  2. Wonderful detailed preview.. You cover all aspects of movie ? Especially for parents it’s very heart touching…but very near to our گھر گھر کی کہانی ???

  3. It’s good to watch Pakistani movie in UK , actually it was a good effort keep it up but do not forget our values and culture .there were two things which I want to discuss about the film, one is about smoking, every time when the heroine is depressed , she start smoking it seems like it is a good idea to smoke when you r depress . At least there should be title that ‘smoking is injuries to health’ . Secondly after mother’s death u showed grave , fire and water at the same scene , it seems like that we r following a Hindu religion or we want to see all this sequence in our films ? At least think about that we are different in religion and culture.

  4. Zindagi Gulzar Hai is worth watching a thousand times because of the great actress Sanam Saeed. She is brilliant, well spoken and beautiful. I am excited about CAKE and hope it will be released in Toronto so that we can watch the movie. All the best to the director and the cast.

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