Mehreen Jabbar dramas to watch

9 Mehreen Jabbar Dramas to Watch!

Mehreen Jabbar is an extremely talented director and I have enjoyed her work for the Pakistan drama and film industry. Here is a list of nine Mehreen Jabbar dramas to watch, if you haven’t already. These are the multi-serial ones and not her telefilms or movies. Will do another post for those.

There are a few reasons due to which I like Mehreen Jabbar’s dramas: there are strong female characters, the camera work is brilliant and the ordinary stands out due her unique perspective.

Do share how many of these have you seen?

9 Mehreen Jabbar Dramas to Watch!

1. Daam (2010)

This drama is a reality punch with brilliant performances by the whole cast. Mehreen Jabbar shows us the class difference in Karachi and the interlinking of humans, friendships and relationships.

2. Malal (2009)

I started watching Pakistani dramas again due to Malal. This was a story I could relate to. The combination of Umera Ahmed and Mehreen Jabbar is a clean story line in the beautiful backdrop of Manhattan. This has to be one of my most favourite roles of Imran Abbas. The drama tackles the issues of cyber behaviour, marriage and loving an older woman.

3. Do Raha (2008)

I didn’t watch Do Raha when it was originally aired on TV and only saw it later on YouTube, which is might as well because I could not stop once I started and pulled an all-nighter to finish it. Another brilliant partnership of Mehreen Jabbar and Umera Ahmed with memorable roles by Sanam Baloch, Soniya Rehman and Humayun Saeed.

4. Jackson Heights (2014)

This drama captures the struggle of Pakistanis living in the US by balancing the story line with humour and doses of reality. The cast is brilliant. Nauman Ijaz plays one of his most memorable characters as the taxi driver, Bhatti Sahab. I love the soundtrack also.


5. Mera Naam Yousaf Hai (2015)

Another brilliant drama by Mehreen Jabbar which stars Imran Abbas. I especially love the Urdu language used in the drama and loved the role of Zulaikha’s mother played by my favourite Hina Bayat Khawaja.

6. Ye Dil Kya Kare (2019)

This is a weak one on this list and probably has more to do with the channel it was aired on. Geo has managed to ruin all dramas running on it recently. Another turn off for me was the cousin-marriage angle. Argh, can we get over that already!

However, I love most of the actors in this drama including Marina Khan (whose recent choice of dramas hasn’t been great), Soniya Rehman, Shamim Hilali and Sarmad Khosat, so I watched it. It’s not brilliant but I liked the end.


7. Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu (2012)

This romantic story by Farhat Ishtiaq was directed by Mehreen Jabbar and takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride. The sound track again is brilliant and Hina Bayat wins your heart! I also liked how Sanam Saeed’s role highlights the issue of domestic and emotional abuse in marriage.

8. Coke Kahani (2012)

This is a simple, urban story most youngsters will relate to. The cast is brilliant and the story moves at a good pace. I only wish the branding wasn’t so blatant.

9. Rehaii (2015)

This drama is made in partnership with the Kashf Foundation and is not for the faint-hearted. There is also no entertainment in this one and this drama was made for the sole purpose of passing on a social message which it does brilliantly. But oh my heart, when I watched it!

Mehreen Jabbar has also made some brilliant shorter duration telefilms that were amazing and ground-breaking for their time such as “Ab Tum Ja Saktay Ho“. I will write about them separately because they deserve their own post.

Hope you enjoyed this list of Mehreen Jabbar dramas to watch. Which ones have you seen or would add to the list?

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  1. Yes she is phenominal per inka channel ha waha unke sare old dramas hai maine locldown mai khoob dekhy hai kya direction hai kya lehja ha old is gold…or maine jackson hight or coke kahani elawa sb dekhy howay hain…

    1. Yes she is amazing! Thanks for sharing about her YouTube channel. Will check it out.

  2. Please do a list of must see dramas maybe a top 15? To binge watch. I feel like I have missed out on so many of them. Also Jackson heights bhatti sb was such a good character.

  3. Glad to have found this blog. Please do watch Malal which is my favourite Mehreen Jabar drama. Also Vasl is just amazing :).

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