new Pakistani dramas 2018

New Pakistani Dramas 2018: What I Am Watching These Days

We have had some amazing dramas this year like Aangan, Yaqeen ka Safar and Suno Chanda. Now that October is here and we are in the last quarter, we are all always looking for recommendations for new Pakistani dramas 2018. Since a lot of you were asking me here are some of the dramas I’m watching these days.

New Pakistani Dramas 2018

  • Dil Mom Ka Diya: I started this drama as a guilty pleasure but really enjoying the story now. Neelum Muneer nails the role as the outspoken and rude Ulfat.
  • Band Khirkiyan: I like how this drama tackles an important subject of emotional abuse. We see how a girl who has a supportive family can be trapped by a manipulative husband who has serious psychological issues.
  • Balaa: This drama started on a high note and is becoming a bit unrealistic now since it’s hard to digest any one as gullible as Samina Peerzada. I will be honest, I’m only watching this drama for Bilal Khan (and those eye lashes!).
  • Baba Jani: I’m enjoying this slightly different stories of a caring man and his selfish sisters.
  • Ghar Titli Ka Par: This one has wrapped up now but I quite enjoyed this simple story. Though it stretches in the middle, over all it’s a good watch.
  • Mere Guriya: This drama has a strong social message and was quite heavy to watch since it was based on the story of Zainab Ansari. However, I loved Sonia Hussain and Sania Saeed in it and strongly recommend it.
  • Mein Har Nahi Manoun Gi: My mom recommended this one and I’m on episode 2. Can’t say much yet, but so far so good!
  • Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai: A few of you recommended this and I started it. Am on episode two and can talk more about it after a few other episodes.

So what dramas are you watching these days? Would love to hear your recommendations also.

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5 thoughts on “New Pakistani Dramas 2018: What I Am Watching These Days

  1. Asalamoalekum.
    I really love your page and whenever I get some free time for Pakistani drama I must see your recommendations.I am watching Band kharkiyan and I totally agree with you.

  2. I am watching Baandi with Muneeb and Aiman Khan, only 4th episode..great watch. Tajeed e Wafa is also a great one shows you the struggles of marriage with children, how to juggle work life and home with children. It has a bit of comedy. Navin Waqar is doing suberb acting ??Tum se hi Taluq hai with Syed Jibran is amazing as well. Lamhe is good as well as Aatish are good ones to mention.

  3. Hey! New to your blog after googling “How to keep kids speaking Urdu” 😛 I was raised here but my husband is quite the patriot since he grew up in Pakistan. LOVE paki dramas now and they have greatly improved my Urdu. We speak with our kids in Urdu 80% of the time but she is losing it now after starting school 🙁 It is hard. I will look at your tips!

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