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Sange mar mar: Predictions for the next episode?

I was a little late in starting the Pakistani drama Sange mar mar, but I recently caught up with all the episodes and eagerly awaiting episode 27 now.

The drama has many powerful social messages and has kept the audience deeply involved. I feel as if I know all the characters personally by now. Their pain, struggles and triumphs hit right to the heart. This is all because of the power of the script, the talent of the actors and the grip of the director on the narrative. Sange mar mar has made me a true fan. So as we all wait for the next episode, how about a few (tongue-in-cheek) predications?

  • How many more times will Bano get some classic bezteez by Gulistan Khan?
  • Who will propose to Shireen next? (I guess we got a hint of that in the preview)
  • How many times will we hear the word “bayghairat” in this episode?
  • Will Durkhanay’s mother-in-law out live her?
  • Will Torah Khan’s final revenge be to get goray pan ke injection and be the next Fair and Handsome of Gari Baraan?
  • When will mobile phones finally arrive in the village?
  • And what about internet, wifi and smartphones? Have the telecom companies totally forgotten about this part of Pakistan?
  • Where will the unfortunate “mor ka pankh” fly off next?
  • When will durkhanay’s lala finally get married? Ab to amma us per reham kar lein.
  • Will the villagers finally decide to call people by their actual names rather than “Gulistan ka beta” etc to avoid the confusions that have caused enough deaths and unintended marriages?

So what are your predications for the next episode of Sange mar mar?

Although I feel that the drama is nearing an end, I’m cherishing the story and the characters. This is truly one drama that will stay with me for a long time. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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