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Sange Mar Mar Season 2: The plot for another season!

The Pakistani Drama Sange Mar Mar recently concluded with the final episode airing last night. A lot of people had strong opinions about the ending with some loving it and others considering it to be quite open ended. I loved this drama. The writing, direction, production and acting was par excellence. I appreciate how it was concluded without being stretched (Thinking Shakk, Man Mayal etc). However, since we all loved it so much and didn’t get to see some of the characters in the last episode, how about a season 2?

The final episode of Sange Mar Mar showed the characters facing the consequences of their deeds. Torah confessed to his crimes. Gulistan Khan realized his mistakes. Bano was abandoned. Pari lost her senses. There are strong opinions on the fate of Shireen, if she deserved all that she went through. Shamim also ended up taking a life whereas she was shown to be the most gentle and loving soul through out the drama. Aurang and Palwasha were not shown in this episode and the last we saw of them was driving away from it all in the second last episode.

I have so many questions in my mind about what would have happened after the credits started rolling in, mostly revolving around how Aurang would react when he finds out that Torah was the killer of his beloved brothers.

This got me thinking about a plot for Sange Mar Mar Season 2, showing life 15-20 years down the road after Season 1, covering the following areas:

  • Aurang and Palwasha decide to live in the city and raise their children there
  • Gulistan Khan and Shamim open a school and hospital in the village. Shamim is the new face of women empowerment.
  • Bano becomes the head nurse in the hospital and now derives pleasure from giving unrequired injections to people and watching them cry
  • Shireen marries Durkhanay’s brother and takes care of all her brother’s properties and land. Lala finally has a happy ending.
  • Bulbul becomes the music teacher at Gulistan Khan’s school
  • Aurang and Palwasha send their son to spend the summer in the village and he falls in love with Durkhanay’s daughter (who is as feisty as her mom)
  • Internet and smart phones finally arrive in the village taking care of 90% of the miscommunications
  • Durkhanay’s daughter and Aurang’s son use FaceTime and don’t put their life in danger by meeting at Teelas
  • All women in the village are provided Iron Supplements under the Gulalai Benefit Fund and Calcium + D3 under the Rakshi Begum Charity Program. The Gulalai Benefit Fund also conducts regular road safety classes.

What do you all think? What else would you add to the plot of Season 2?

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18 thoughts on “Sange Mar Mar Season 2: The plot for another season!

  1. How about shirin found out that she is pregnant.bano and shirin raised the kid together without any hate.aurang and palwashàs daughter came to visit her grandparents and fell in love with shirin’ son.but, aurang doesn’t want that because he is tauràs son too.Bano stood up for that and convince aurang.

    1. Wah wah!! What an idea!!! Love it. Though gotta give it to Torah Khan, if he scored on that one night 🙂

  2. Loved the drama Sange Mar Mar. But I am not happy with the ending. Once again HUM TV writer collapses scattered story and characters in one episode.

  3. I think instead of season 2 …one more episode was enough to cover all this but its excellent..?

  4. good work Tamania, well thought of issues that could be addressed in the Drama.
    I didnt follow it much but got the whole idea after seeing a last couple of episodes. The End was not conclusive as you mentioned it.

    Yes, the iron & calcium supplements idea is awesome “mujhe kya pata tha uski tangain itni kamzor hain” well depicted the lack of Vit D!

    loved the review!

  5. Quite a nice account of opinions and comments. Well, to me shamim(sania saeed) is the main character along with Gulistan khan, for whom, the title/ title song applies, sang e mar mar ka dil.

  6. After reading a glowing review in Dawn and mostly very positive postings by readers, I was compelled to hunt down “Sange mar mar”on U-Tube and for the very first time in my life binge watched anything: All 28 episodes. Like a good book I just could not put it down. I am a very feeling person so lots of tears were shed, some in sadness others in exhilaration. I fell madly in love with Shireen (Kubra Khan) and Durkhanay (Beesin Raja). Both of them are ever so lovely and ever so lovable. Most memorable dialogues: 1. Palwasha to Aurang: When I was little you took no notice of me so I became big hoping you will notice me now. 2. Gulistan khan to Aurang: In seven hours one could get here on a donkey. In the continuation, Gulistan Khan should say “sorry” to everybody, our elders need to learn to say sorry even to youngsters when they have done wrong. Bano should say sorry to Shireen. MY shireen is too pretty and accomplished to marry a “Paindoo” like Durkhanay’s brother even as good hearted as he might be. Aurang travels to the US/Canada with Palwasha and becomes great friends with an Indian guy whom he invites to Pakistan and his village where the Indian meets Shireen. They fall in love and get married (yes a Hindu Muslim marriage, its about time) and he brings her to the States/Canada, where they have a child who goes back and marries Aurang’s and Palewasha’s offspring.

    1. Correction to my above comment “I wrote a long comment and nobody bothered to even notice far less comment.” Now eagerly await every episode of “Sammi” aired every Sunday night in Pakistan. It seems I have become a Pakistani serial addict.

  7. superb drama i ever seen in history of pak drama. only one week point of the drama that sheerien deserve to marriage with orang, it could be a perfect end. dont know why writer turned the end on palwisha and orang marriage??

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