Meal Plan for the Week (March 13 -19, 2017)

Here’s the meal plan for the week! Lots of you are loving these ideas for the entire week, so I think I will keep doing this for the next little while. Recipes for eggplant sandwiches, daal, potato cutlets, fish, khow suey and chicken pulao to cover the week.


Make some fun sandwiches by using this baingan ka bhurta (eggplant mix) recipe. Add a greens salad and baked potatoes on the side.

Tuesday: Daal aur Sabzi + white Rice + Potato Cutlets

Love this Kale in Daal recipe by Shayma from Spicespoon. Eat with some white rice and potato cutlets.

Wednesday: Cashew chicken + white rice

This Pakistani-style-Chinese cashew chicken recipe  by Tea for Turmeric is just what you need for Wednesday. Enjoy with white rice.

Thursday: leftovers day

Celebrate Leftovers Day and take it easy!

friday: Salmon with Pasta

Enjoy this delicious Salmon recipe with pasta by Bread Aur Butter on Friday. If you want to make this healthier enjoy the salmon with some steamed broccoli and baked asparagus.

Saturday: Khow Suey

Have friends over and make some Khow Suey! Love the recipe of this well-loved Burmese dish by Sumera Cooks for Chris.

Sunday: Chicken Pulao

Finish the week with some hearty Chicken Pulao. Make a salad and raita to go with it.

Hope you have a great week and enjoy these recipes! Let me know how they turn out!


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  1. Your blog is so fun and you seem like a genuinely sweet and kind person. Looking forward to all of your posts. Wishing you lots of success inshallah. ❤

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