Happy Women’s Day! 

Happy Women’s Day! Think big, be strong, feel beautiful, be You!

In celebration of Women’s Day, here is a round up of some of my favourite blogs by some of my favourite women! Together we are all stronger!


SiddySays by Sadaf and Amna is the most brilliant lifestyle blog out of Pakistan. Follow it to be in the know for fashion, beauty, stories and all things awesome!

Super Sumayah

I love Sumayah’s blog for all the amazing travel stories and the strong women empowerment message that comes through all she talks about. Follow her blog for lots of adventures and some sound pep talk just when you need it!

The Desi wonder woman

Thank God for Shehzeen! I love The Desi Wonder Woman blog for a regular dose of positivity, healthy living and a much needed message of “being yourself” (and loving it)!

Drama Mama

Hiba is the mom friend all of us need! Thankfully she keeps a blog so that we can all hear her words of wisdom about keeping motherhood real and pretend to be her friends! I love how she pours out her heart and all her words hit right at home. She is one of the best writers I have read from current times. Keep rocking Drama Mama!

Confessions of a muslim mom

I turn to Saira’s blog Confessions of a Muslim Mom whenever I need to reinforce my faith. She is the sound voice from the Muslim world all of us need in this crazy world.

Ramblings of an inspired, lazy mom

Nataliya is not lazy by any stretch but her blog Ramblings of an inspired, lazy mom will definitely inspire you to cherish each moment of being a parent.

The Write Balance

I met Salma virtually and still have to meet her in person, but I feel so connected to her through her blog The Write Balance that speaks true to my heart about being a fun and hip mom.

Shaista Thinks

My sister is brilliant and I wish she would write more. Follow her blog Shaista Thinks for wisdom from the real wise one! This one is all zen.

The theory of well somethings

Samina Rizwan has always inspired me with her resilience, intelligence and zeal for life. I was beyond excited when she started blogging, because now I could learn more about how to win at life from the guru herself. Her blog The Theory of Well Somthings is lovely, like her.

Pink Chai Living

I love Raj’s blog Pink Chai Living for style tips, advice, DIY projects and fun conversations from the perspective of a desi girl. She totally owns it!

Flour & Spice Blog

Sarah’s blog is full of inspiring recipes, stories and pictures! You will never run out of ideas of what to cook if you follow the Flour & Spice blog!

And then we moved to

Follow Mariam’s blog And Then We Moved To and you will be sure to be bit by the travel bug! I love her take on travel and the world as she explores it with her multicultural family.

Sumera cooks for Chris

Sumera is one of my favorite cooks and now she has a blog where she shares her recipes! Sumera Cooks for Chris is a treasure trove of her best creations.

Kay’s Caramelized Confessions

Kiran’s blog Kay’s Caramelized Confessions in my go-to when I’m looking for an idea for dessert or inspiration for dinner. This girl is super talented!

Quezz Lifestyle

Q is starting off but watch out for this blogger who has a strong opinion on life! Love her for her honesty!

Mrs Generic

Salma is starting off but her blog is sure to go places because she has a great sense of humour and style! best of luck.

Hope you enjoyed this list of some of my favorite bloggers! Happy Women’s Day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day! 

  1. Thank you for the kind mention! and what a lovely list of blogs that I must continue to read, some are new to me. Thanks a lot! A very happy women’s day to you too! Also, absolutely LOVE the photo with this blog.

  2. Thankyou for sharing and making effort to compile this wonderful list. Such a great help in being in good company in digital world!

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