Tips for a successful family photo shoot

Tips for a Successful Family Photo Shoot

You see these images of families posing, laughing and enjoying themselves, while your own family never seems to cooperate or agree to a photo shoot. Sharing some tips for a successful family photo shoot that always work for our family!

Tips for a Successful Family Photo shoot

1. negotiate for a win-win

I tell my family that they have to agree to one family photoshoot in the year and I won’t bother them all year round. That always works!

2. Pick a Photographer who is a fit for your family

Follow the works of photographers and pick someone who works for your family in their style, personality and and most importantly location. Pick someone who is close to you or willing to travel close to you. You don’t want to waste your family’s time, energy and enthusiasm in the car.

Always have a contract with your photographer so that expectations are the same. This can include time, location, duration, cost, number of images, edit requests and rights to photos.

3. time and location of the photoshoot

While golden hour is great for lighting, the best time for your family is one when all the kids are well-rested and fed. Pick a time that does not conflict with nap time or any other commitments. Keep the family photoshoot the only commitment of the day.

4. Not all battles are worth fighting

Remember this on the day of the shoot. It’s ok if your child wishes to wear something that’s more comfortable rather than the fancy outfit that matches your Pinterest vision. Let them be happy and show their personality. You will cherish that more when you look back at the pictures.

5. Pack well

Pack for success by keeping a hairbrush, safety pin, snacks, hair pins and basic makeup handy.

6. Be on Time

This might seem basic but respect your photographer’s time by planning to arrive on time. You can do this by keeping a time buffer, looking up the address before hand and making sure the car is ready with fuel etc. When you’re comfortable for time, everyone is relaxed and the kids don’t catch on the stress.

7. Research beforehand

Do a little research beforehand and share some desired poses with your photographer by sending them a few examples.

8. Know when to stop

It’s always tempting to get one more shot, but when you end your family photoshoot before the kids get grumpy they will have happy memories and be easier to convince next year. This especially works well on husbands.

9. Most important of the tips for a successful family photo shoot

This is the most critical one: Print and display the pictures in the house! This will make all the efforts worth it!

Hope these tips for a successful family photo shoot work for your family! If all else fails emotionally blackmail your husband by showing pictures from few years ago so that they realize how fast kids grow! 😉

When was the last time you booked a family photo shoot? Would love to read your tips!