Clean up song in urdu

Urdu Poems for Kids: Clean up Song in Urdu

Here is a clean up song in Urdu that can be used both at home by parents and by teachers at school for little children to encourage them to clean up together. I always missed a cleanup song in Urdu, therefore decide to write one myself.

Clean Up Song in Urdu

Here are the lyrics of the snow and below is a video of Zeynab and I singing it together!

Safai karo safai karo,

Sab mil ke safai karo,

Pyaray bachon sab mil ke safai karo,

Ammie abbu ke madad,

Ghar ka khayal,

Ye sab achi batein hain,

Sab mil ke safai karo,

(if using at school)

Teacher ke madad,

School ka khayal,

Ye sab achi batein hain,

Sab mil ke safai karo

and here is a video of Zeynab and I singing this song:

We hope you enjoy this song at home and at your school. The clean up song in English is extremely popular and used commonly by parents and teachers. I could not find a similar version in Urdu. One of the challenges of raising bilingual children is having access to fun bilingual content, therefore I decided to write this song.

Teaching children to clean up after themselves and their surroundings is extremely important. You can use this song to make it fun. This song will also encourage the Urdu language skills of children.

If you use this song at school or at home, do let us know!

Do check out the Urdu resources page for lots of poems and games for children in Urdu to make learning fun for them.

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2 thoughts on “Urdu Poems for Kids: Clean up Song in Urdu

  1. lol yi bahot achi geet hai.

    maiN urdu sikh raha huN aur meri geet yi hai:

    maiN “mulberry bush” ki geet ki tarah gaata huuN:
    ham saaf sutra karte haiN, karte haiN, karte haiN…
    ham saaf sutra karte haiN….
    diiin bhaar…

    okay okay usually goes more like this: daddy se madad karo. amelia yahaN ao, yahaN! ham saf sutra kar rahe haiN. Amelia !! Amelia?!!! tum kahaN gai?

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