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In Memory of Masood Barkati & Naunehal Magazine for Kids

Masood Ahmed Barkati, the editor-in-chief, of Naunehal Magazine for Kids passed away on Sunday Dec 10, 2017 in Karachi, Pakistan, at the age of 87. Naunehal Magazine is one of the most famous Urdu publications for children and Masood Barkati was the force behind this magazine producing it for 65 years without any break, according to Dawn.

Today, I have been thinking of Naunehal magazine and the simpler days of childhood. Millions of children in Pakistan have grown up reading Naunehal and Taleem-o-Tarbeeyat. These magazines were eagerly awaiting every month and I remember fighting with my siblings over a turn to read. The Urdu stories, poems and riddles from these magazines built the foundation of the love of Urdu for many of us.

I just have one issue of Naunehal magazine with me here in Canada which a friend gave to me after her own children had outgrown it. Today I felt nostalgic and picked up the magazine to read the words of Masoood Barkati and find peace in the legacy of his written word. Above is a video of me, going through the magazine.

And I’m sharing below some pages from the magazine.

This was the first page:

Naunehal Magazine

And here is a note from Masood Barkati, as the editor-in-chief:

Naunehal Magazine

Today, as I think of Masood Ahmed Barkati, and his contribution towards Urdu and work for children, I’m in awe of his dedication. He truly provided great service for us all and his legacy will live on for years. He has given me new motivation to keep spreading the love and joy of Urdu. May Allah grant patience to Masood Barkati’s children and give him peace in the here after.

Would love to hear some of your favorite memories of Naunehal magazine.

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