Meal Plan for the Week

It’s Sunday and time to think of the week ahead and plan for it! Sharing the Meal Plan for the Week with lots of great recipes like Chicken Chilli Dry, Salmon, Pulao, Pasta etc. Hope you have a wonderful week!

meal plan

Monday: Chicken Chili Dry + White Rice

This is a super simple recipe from Kay’s Caramelized Confessions that goes great with white rice.

+ Chicken Chili Dry

Tuesday: Dal + Chawal + Gosht Bhar + Salad

Daal chawal is a classic and always a hit. Add some fried beef to the mix. Gosht recipe is a family recipe that always delights. Serve with a fresh salad of tomatoes + raw onions + cucumbers and a sprinkle of lemon + salt.

+ Dal Recipe

+ Gosht Bhar Recipe

Wednesday: Salmon with Vegetables

Serve Salmon with steamed broccoli + asparagus. Love this simple salmon recipe from All Recipes.

+ Salmon Recipe

Thursday: Leftovers Day

Keep Thursday simple and enjoy leftovers.

Friday: EggPlant + Naan

Khatay Baingan with Naan is a killer combination to celebrate Friday!

+ Baingan Recipe

Saturday:  Chicken Pulao + Kebab + Salad

Make Chicken Pulao with Shami Kebab and serve with a fresh salad of greens. You can make a big batch of kebabs and freeze for future use.

+ Chicken Pulao Recipe

+ Shami Kebab Recipe

Sunday: Chicken Vegetable Pasta

Love this great Chicken Vegetable Pasta recipe by Zubaida Tariq. Can be packed for lunch for Monday also!

+ Chicken Vegetable Pasta

Hope you enjoyed these recipes! Let me know if you try any! Have a great week.

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