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Morning Tips for Back to School

Summer break is almost over and it’s time to get ready for Back to School. While we shop for clothes, school supplies and accessories, one of the most difficult preparations for Back to School is of ourselves because of the relaxed summer routines. Here are some tips to get the mornings off to a good start.

  • Prepare the Night Before: A great morning starts the night before. Make sure you have set aside what the children will wear (let older children pick themselves), lunch is packed and schools bags are ready. This avoids hassle and stress in the morning.
  • Wake up Before the Kids: This is my sanity saver. To be able to start your mornings before you wake up the children is a gift worth giving yourself.
  • Stretch: Stretching is not just for Bollywood queens. It’s actually a great way to start your day.
  • Make your bed: A lot has been said about the benefits of making the bed in the morning. It’s the sense of accomplishment of completing the first task of the day and starting the day right. Take my word, just do it!
  • Healthy Breakfast: Most mothers stress healthy eating for their children and cut shortcuts for themselves. Make sure you have a nutritious start to the day before you have your cup of coffee/tea. Some good ideas are: boiled egg, honey on toast, oats, cereal, fruit in yogurt etc.
  • Feed your Soul: Feed your soul and mind in the morning, by listening to anything that grows and stimulates you. This can be religious verses, a motivational talk, a favorite podcast or some inspirational music.
  • Enjoy your Coffee/Tea: That first cup of coffee or tea in the morning is gold! If you can enjoy it in solitude you are already a champ!
  • Action Plan for the Day: Take a moment to visualize how the day looks and what tasks you have to complete. Make a plan in your mind and jot down any lists if you need to.
  • Cuddle with the Kids: I love how warm and cuddly the kids are in the morning. A great start to the day is waking them up with hugs (rather than screams that we are running late!).
  • Display the Morning Steps: Even for small children if the steps are displayed visually, the expectations are set e.g.: brushing teeth, eating breakfast, changing clothes, gathering school supplies/bag, putting in the lunch/water, wearing shoes etc.
  • Getting out the Door: Make getting out the door easier by designating a spot for the keys, sunglasses, school bag, shoes etc.
  • Remember to Smile: Smile, take a deep breath and count your blessings. Remind yourself that it takes more muscles to frown than smile.

Enough talking, now let’s look together at a few inspirational images that are sure to make your mornings great!

Colorful sheets, fun cushions and that throw make for a very welcoming bedroom! All these products from

And these colorful bowls:

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These Amalfi bowls are just what I need to make my mornings bright! Also have my eyes on these Marrakesh ones.

Loving the vibe of this kitchen:

And I know how this little puppy feels!

For week days I would stick with this adorable polka dot coffee mug.

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Let me know how are you getting ready for Back to School?

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