3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

How to Make 3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

Eid will be different this year! We won’t be able to meet our family and friends but how about we send them eid greeting cards to spread the joy and happiness of Eid? Let me share some ideas on how to make 3D pop-up eid cards. They are lots of fun especially when you make them with your kids!

3D pop-up Eid Cards

Supplies needed:

  • Card stock of various colours
  • stickers
  • washi tape
  • Scissors
  • tape and glue

How to Make 3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

To make 3D pop-up eid cards you need an outside and an inside layer. Cut card stock paper in contrasting colours for the outer and the inner layer. The outer layer will be slightly bigger than the inner one. Now fold both.

Draw two lines on the fold of the inner fold as shown in the picture below and cut along the two parallel lines.

3D pop-up eid cards

Don’t cut the whole square and just along the two parallel lines. Now pop out the cut card to the inside of the card as shown in the image below.

3D Pop-Up Eid Card

You can also create multiple pop-ups based on your design.

3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

Now we can glue the element we want to pop out towards the lower part. (Don’t glue at the top side).

3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

Zeynab created an arctic scene here with a penguin, icebergs and stars in the sky by gluing the scene elements to the pop-out section. You can create these by using stickers (make sure you glue them on card stock and then cut out, so that they don’t stick to the back of the card). You can also cut shapes on card stock.

Now glue the inside layer to the outside layer card.

eid cards

and you’re done!

You can decorate the outside in multiple ways through washi tape, stamps or pens.

Eid Greeting Cards

Can u imagine that the camel washi tape in the card above is from the recent Arabian Nights collection by Martha Stewart? Great timing I must say!

Eid greeting cards

How to make Mosque Themed 3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

mosque 3D pop-up Eid cards

Make a basic 3D pop-up card skeleton from the steps above.

Line one side of a piece of card stock with washi tape of various colours.

Mosque 3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

Flip the card over. Draw shapes to make a mosque such as rectangle, lines and its minarets. Now glue all the shapes together and stick inside the card.

Mosque 3D Pop-Up Eid Card

More Ideas for 3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

Here are some more ideas, such as an eid tea party!

3D Pop-Up Eid Cards

3D pop-up Eid cards

or how about these truck-art themed cards?

3D pop-up truck art Eid greeting card

The children loved the animal-themed eid cards:

animal themed Eid greeting cards

You can also add your family picture inside the pop-up card:

Eid greeting cards

Also loved creating the balloon effect in these 3D pop-up eid cards:

3D pop-up Eid cards

3D pop-up Eid cards

Another simple way to make 3D Pop-UP Eid Cards

If you don’t want the two colour effect of an outer and an inner layer, there is another simpler way to make 3D pop-up eid cards.

Take a rectangular thin piece of card stock and fold it into a four side square shape. Now stick on the inside of the card as shown in the image below to provide the “pop-up” platform.

making a pop-up eid card

Now you can decorate the front of the card.

3D pop-up eid cards

There are so many ways to decorate and enjoy 3D pop-up eid cards. Imagination is your only limit!

Create and enjoy. We would love to see you designs also!

3D pop-up Eid cards

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We were over at Omar and Hana and made a video to show you how to make these cards! Do check it out: