Ramadan decorations

Ramadan Decorations: Ideas, Free Resources and Recommendations

Let’s talk Ramadan decorations today. We love setting up a little corner in our house every year. It really helps children get in the mood and make Ramadan special for them.

You do not need to buy new products every year. You can repurpose stuff you already have in the house such as lanterns and candles. I also save the products every year in a box to use again. I will share a lot of free resources in this post for Ramadan decorations.

Ramadan decorations

Eid Countdown:

One of my children’s most favourite thing to do during Ramadan is to countdown to Eid. We got the felt countdown to Eid calendar from Canucks Amusement in Calgary. They have an amazing Eid and Ramadan decorations collection. They offer curb side pickup in Calgary and also ship to other cities. I love this local business with all my heart and highly recommend them!

The small reusable sign is by Ramadan jewels and can be used to write the days along with the sehri and aftar timings.

We love our Countdown to Eid kit from Craft-it-kit and repurposed last year’s kit this year by using existing and some new activities. This year Craft-it-kit is also offering a digital countdown kit!

Ramadan Banners:

Nothing like a Ramadan Banner to give a festive feel! The multicolour Ramadan banner in the image below is from Kresent Krafts (She is offering flat $5 CAD shipping in Canada and USA). The brown banner is from Eid Party.

Ramadan decorations banner

Here is a free printable for a Ramadan banner available online. Just print and string!

Ramadan Good Deeds

We were sent an adorable Ramadan Tree for the children to map their good deeds everyday!

Ummi and Kids has great free printable resources for children to do good deeds every day in Ramadan!

Ramadan Activities

Thankfully now we have amazing ideas and resources available for Ramadan catering to children. We love the Ramadan memory game from Little Bulbul. It’s really good quality.

Ramadan decorations and activities

You can print activities and keep them accessible for the children along with pencils and crayons.

Designed by Sana has a lovely arabic stencil board that the children can practice their arabic on.

Ramadan Calendar has lots of free prints and activity books on their website.

Here are a few links where you can download activity books for 30-days of Ramadan for free:

Ramadan Mat

You can get the free printable for the Ramadan mat from Big Idea Graphics. We got a coloured printout and then lamination from Staples to use through out the month.

Ramadan decorations and activities

You can put together Ramadan decorations and activities by using things in the house. Hussein loves animals so I put an assortment of animals with a storybook book about Hazrat Noh (A.S.) in a basket. Hussein loves taking it out and revisiting this beloved Quran story.

Islamic Books for Children

I can write a whole blog post on this topic and will do inshaAllah soon! Till then here are a few of our favourite books:

Islamic books for children

Other Ideas for Ramadan decorations

Use existing products around the house for Ramadan decorations such as fairy lights and lanterns (Btw, I saw that Michaels has a 50% off sale on lanterns this week!).

Ramadan decorations

I also used an existing writing board for the children to add a message for every day of Ramadan and covered a foot stool with Zeynab’s purple dupatta to give more festive Ramadan feels.

Hope you enjoyed all these ideas! Do read this post also to make Ramadan memorable for the kids.

Wishing you a blessed month of Ramadan!