free Ramadan printables for kids

The Ultimate List of Free Ramadan Printables for Kids

I used the word “ultimate” because maybe I spend all my awake hours with a five-year-old old…still this is a pretty decent list of free Ramadan printables for kids that we have been enjoying for the past few days.

All you need is a printer, paper, crayons, colouring pencils and scissors to enjoy these activities with your children.

3D mosque free printable

The kids and I loved this super simple and interesting 3D mosque free printable from Lunar Learners.

free ramadan printables for kids

We coloured the mosques, then cut them and glued according to the instructions to make these most adorable 3D mosques. The kids placed them in our Ramadan corner with a mini toy in each.

You can download the free printable from the link here.

Ramadan Board Games

If your kids love board games they will love this one by A Muslim Home School.

Assembling this is half the fun!

Activity Pack Including word Puzzles, Colouring Sheets and Ramadan Lanterns

This activity pack by Homely Hammock is one of my most favourite free ramadan printables by kids since its full of great activities for children such as word puzzles, colouring sheets and spot-the-difference sheets. The activity pack is designed for children under the age of 7, but the Ramadan lantern activity can also be done by older children.

free Ramadan printables for kids

You can use these lanterns for Ramadan decorations. We also used this as a Ramadan activity in the classroom when I went to Zeynab’s classroom to talk about Eid and Ramadan in her classroom.

Free Activity Books

Here is a list of free activity books for children that we love:

The most amazing thing about the Kisa Kids Project Booklet is that it comes with a Ramadan show for every day of Ramadan on their YouTube channel, so the kids can follow along.

Learning Quran Words and Arabic

I love all the free Ramadan printables for kids on The Ramadan Calendar to learn Quran words and arabic alphabets.

free ramadan printables for kids

Good Deeds Charts

Ummi and Kids has great free printable resources for children to do good deeds every day in Ramadan!

Reusable Ramadan Place Mats

You can get the free printable for the Ramadan mat from Big Idea Graphics. We got a coloured printout and then lamination from Staples to use through out the month.

You can always print a black and white one.

Ramadan Mat

I will keep adding to this list of free Ramadan printables for kids. I hope a lot of parents can benefit from these resources. If you know of any quality free resources, do share so that I can add here!

Happy Ramadan!

free Ramadan printables for kids

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