Ramadan for Kids

Ramadan for Kids: Ideas and Resources to Make it a Fun and Memorable Month

The holy month of Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims around the world as we observe fast from dawn till sunset. Sharing some fun ideas and resources to make it a memorable ramadan for kids. (Special note: Don’t worry these ideas don’t need a lot of prep and you can get these going right away or later in the month).

Ramadan for Kids: The spirit of the month

Discuss with your children the spirit of the month of Ramadan and the benefits we can get out of it. Fasting in the long days of summer requires discipline, patience and resilience from adults. Once children realize the virtues of the month, they also want to participate as best as they can and support their parents.

Small Deeds of Kindness

Children are fascinated with the concept that all good deeds are multiplied during the month of Ramadan. Encourage them to do one good deed a day. You can make a jar out of which the children pick one good deed for 30 days. Ayesha from ‘A Crazy Ammie Blog’ has a lovely list on her blog.

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Spread the Joy

One of the most effective ways to make it a memorable Ramadan for kids is to spread the joy of the month and make your children proud of their Muslim identity. Ask the school teacher if you can come in and read a story about Ramadan and Eid. My Eid Mubarak Storybook is one of our favorite.

Another idea to spread the joy in Ramadan for kids is to encourage them to set up a lemonade stand outside the house and give out cold drinks for free in the spirit of the month. They can put up a Ramadan Mubarak sign and tell neighbors about the month and why Muslims celebrate it.

Increasing their Knowledge

Ramadan is a great opportunity to learn more about Islam for the whole family. Encourage children to learn ayats and especially their meanings. Read books about the lives of Prophets and discuss the lessons in them. And if you need a little time out, Ali Huda (The Netflix for Muslim Kids), is a great idea to have some strategic screen time where the kids learn and mom can catch some rest. You’re welcome!

More Ideas:

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