Ramadan treat bags

Ramadan Treat Bags for Kids

Ramadan is coming! My childhood preps for Ramadan were waiting for the moon sighting, listening to the 99 names of Allah on TV and loving the sehris and iftari together with family! Times have changed and I want to set down some traditions for my children to get in the spirit of the month by sharing Ramadan treat bags with family and friends.

Instead of halwa, we baked some brownies. Instead of those lovely iftar trays from the neighbourhood (that were the highlight of any Ramadan evening) we made these simple Ramadan treat bags.

Ramadan treat bags

Giving children the ownership of a project means that the content and the execution might not be perfect but they learn essential skills such planning, staying in a budget and time management!

We used simple brown bags, and decorated them with stickers. Inside the kids filled them with home-made brownies, lollipops and a toy like a racing car, play dough, tic-tac-toe or a slap bracelet. I have linked all the products we bought from amazon below.

Ramadan treat bags

Here’s the brownie recipe we used.

I made Zeynab make a list of everyone who was going to receive the Ramadan treat bags. We also organized the list by the quadrants in the city for delivery.

The most important lesson I want them to learn is that the real joy is in giving and spreading happiness

Ramadan treat bags

This activity is totally social-distancing friendly and will keep the little ones busy and engaged for days. It’s also a great way to get them in the spirit of Ramadan. Do you make Ramadan treat bags with your kids?


Here are all the products we used:

Paper bags:

Play dough packs:

Slap bracelets:

Tic Tac Toe Keychain: