easy slime recipe

Easy Slime Recipe: Using Only 3 Ingredients!

Sharing a super easy slime recipe that uses only three ingredients! Slime guarantees hours of fun for children and making it at home will give you the extra comfort that you know exactly what went in there!

We got this easy slime recipe from the Kitchnn blog and I was able to even half the recipe for small portions for both the kids.

So here is how to make it!

You will need: 2 Elmer’s glue bottles (4 ounces each), 1 teaspoon baking soda and 2-3 tablespoon contact lens solution.

If you wish to give your slime colour or texture, you can add a drop of food colouring or a little glitter.

Easy Slime Recipe:

  • Pour the glue in a bowl. Add food colouring if you wish to at this point.
  • Add the baking soda and stir well.
  • Now add the contact lens solution and mix well, till a ball forms.
  • Now pick up the slime ball and knead it well.
  • If you feel the texture is too slimy, add one teaspoon of contact lens solution.
  • Your slime is ready!

easy slime recipe

We stored the slime in ziplock bags and it keeps really well!

Now you can enjoy hours of fun with the slime!

Here are some fun ways in which you can play with the slime:

  • Make balls of different colours.
  • Hide toy cars and dinosaurs in the slime and try to find them.
  • Print different shapes on the slime such as circle, square, oval using bottle caps and Lego pieces.

easy slime recipe

Hope you enjoyed this easy slime recipe! Do let us know if you try this at home and how it turned out!

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